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TascalGauge 0.71

This program is a conversion utility. You can customize it.
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This program is a conversion utility. You can customize it.



+ First of all, Please locate a setteing file.
(You can find a setting file from the installed folder.)
tgage_e.ini ..... English setting file
tgage_d.ini ..... Dutch setting file
tgage_j.ini ..... Japanese setting file
tgage_g.ini ..... German setting file
tgage_r.ini ..... Russian setting file
+ Converted value will be displayed if you input the field
+ You can change unit by click tab
+ Tou can change configuration file from file menu


You can customize the setting file as you like.

+ Top of char '#' line is comment line
+ braced by '[]' line is a unit name definition
+ "string"=value line is a conversion expression
+ You must set the value(1.0) of the first line of each unit
+ after second line, you can define conversion value

THE LATEST VERSION of this program may be found in our web site:

07/18/2003 version 0.71
+ Support sigmarion III
+ Fix : CTRL+Q to quit while a focus in the edit box

10/25/2002 version 0.70
+ Adopt new class library
+ Support full color
+ If you click the label text, The number one or number zero is inputted
to the side edit box.

03/01/2002 version 0.64
+ Minor fix

09/29/2001 version 0.63
+ Support l'agenda
+ Remake a setup program

09/29/2001 version 0.62
+ Add setup program

05/09/2001 version 0.61
+ Fix : "celsius" strings laped over the "fahrenheid" strings
+ Fix : german setting file

04/11/2001 version 0.60
+ Support Pocket PC
+ Speed up

08/11/2000 version 0.52

07/22/2000 version 0.51 (P/PC only)
+ Fix : Use command bands
+ Fix : Add *.ini files to the CAB file

07/20/2000 version 0.50
+ Make CAB installer
+ Support input exponent notation
+ Add copy and paste function

04/17/2000 version 0.45
+ Allow integer expression in setting file.
+ Allow missing a newline code at end of setting file.

04/02/2000 version 0.44
+ Add german setting file (thank you for max benz)

02/05/2000 version 0.43
+ Change exponetial notation. (4 to 6)
+ Correct hectare modular value (in INI file)

04/30/1999 version 0.42
+ Abandon displaying the field value with bold type face.

03/31/1999 version 0.41
+ I am sorry I have not tested english version of 0.40 enough.

03/31/1999 version 0.40
+ You can customize unit item

01/18/1999 version 0.30
+ Bug fix: The version 0.20 is inadequate modification.
example 0.014 => 0.14
+ Add Time, Pressure, Energy, Speed items

12/31/1998 version 0.21
+ Support japanese P/PC.

12/14/1998 version 0.20
+ Add temp and WCE tag
+ Bug fix: can't convert correctly when 0 digit is prefixed.
example 010 => 100

10/12/1998 version 0.10
+ Fiast release

System Requirements

Windows CE 4.1 for ARM/XScale processors

Installation Instructions

Connect your mobile device to your desktop machine and then execute the
SETUP.EXE on your desktop machine.

* Another method: Copy a CAB file and then execute it on your mobile device.

You can uninstall it from 'Remove Programs' which is included in system.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www2r.biglobe.ne.jp/~tascal/
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Released 25 October 2002
Language Support Japanese
Popularity 3065
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 15 May 2024


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