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Arcade Park 4.0

Arcade Park is a remix collection of the great golden oldies games. This version includes four games such as Arkanoid, Asteroids, Black Shark and Pac-Man.
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Screenshots & Images

Screenshot of Arcadepark - screenclips of all four games together.


Arcade Park is a remix collection of the great golden oldies games. This version includes four games such as Arkanoid, Asteroids, Black Shark and Pac-Man.

Arkanoid just like the original Break Out - use your bat and ball to destroy successive walls of multi-coloured bricks. Not all of the bricks vanish on contact - some need several hits, and others drop a spinning power-up capsule giving features such as an expanded bat, slower ball, laser, extra life and so on. Aliens also pose a problem - although harmless, they get in the way of the ball and cause it to fly off in unexpected directions.

In Asteroids, your space craft is dangerously situated among fast moving asteroids in an asteroid belt that can destroy your ship on contact. Armed with a front mounted weapon and the ability to hyperspace, you fly through the debris, destroying each rock one piece at a time.

In Black Shark, you control a helicopter in a Gradius, side-scrolling shooter. You get more points for destroying everything around you but you also have to dodge incoming fire.

In Digger, you dig your way around various levels looking for emeralds and gold. To eat gold you have to drop it first. Once you have picked all the emeralds you proceed to the next level. In your search you are hunted by nobbins and hobbins. You are able to defend yourself against these either by firing at them, but since your weapon recharges very slowly you may also lure your enemies in under falling gold.

In Lode Runner, you are a highly trained Galatic Commando deep in enemy territory. Power hungry leaders of the repressive Bungling Empire have stolen a fortune in gold from the peace loving people, and you have just discovered their secret underground treasury. Your goal? To recover every last ingot if Bungling booty. You'll be running, jumping and climbing heroically solving perplexing puzzles and drilling passageways through stone floors and barriers using your laser drill pistol. You'll need more than fleet feet and good looks to get through this mission alive. You'll need quick wits and brains!

PacMan should need no introduction... You control a little man trying to eat all of the pellets on a level while dodging ghosts. When you hit the big pellet you can even eat the ghosts. Try over and over again to get the top score.

What's New
Version 4:
+ New game Arkanoid
+ Hyperjump in Asteroids
+ Asteroids have slightly been modified
+ New base for Black Shark has been added
+ Now the version number equals the games number

aphpcpro.exe - H/PC Pro / H/PC
aphpcprons.exe - Game with no sound files
aphpc2000.exe - HPC2000

Installation Instructions

Handheld PC 2000
Handheld PC Pro
Windows CE 2.0

MIPS, SH3, SH4, StrongARM.

Arcade Park is available for different color or monochrome PDAs.

Handheld PC/HPC PRO such as Aero 8000, PenCentra 130, PenCentra 200, Jornada 680, Jornada 690, Jornada 820, Jornada 720, HPW 600ET, Workpad z50, fex21,T5200, Phenom Express, MobilePro 770, MobilePro 780, MobilePro 800, MobilePro 880, Dreamwriter I.T., eGO-note, HPC, Mobilon Pro PV-5000, TriPad PV-6000, Clio C-1000, Clio C-1050 and others.

Handheld PC/HPC such as Cassiopeia A-20, Cassiopeia A10, Cassiopeia A11, Cassiopeia PA-2400, 2010c, 810c, Companion, One, HP320LX, HP360LX, HP620LX, HP660LX, HPW-200EC, HPW-20E8M, Phenom GP40M, Mobile Pro 450, MobilePro 700, MobilePro 750, Velo 500, Mobilon HC-4100, Mobilon HC-4500, Mobilon HC-4600 and others.


ArkanoidAsteroidsBlack SharkPac-ManArcadeDiggerLode Runner

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.c-eon.com/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Popularity 128
Total Downloads  867
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 21 December 2012


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