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DIGGER for BasiCE 1.1

Collect diamonds while trying to avoid the predator and the ghost
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DIGGER for Basice is a conversion of an Apple II game which I wrote
around 15 years ago (sorry, this is not a clone of the famous "digger"
for PC/XT, but rather a similar one). Unfortunately, I lost the
Apple II code so I wrote it from scratch, based on my memory. I tried
to make it the same as the original one.

DIGGER was written in the Basice language, thus the source code is
the program itself. I haven't touched Basic for more than 10 years
so I have to pick it up with some Visual Basic books and the help
files of Microsoft QuickBasic. Please don't blame me on my poor
Basic coding.

* How To Play

You (the digger) are digging in the sand to collect diamonds while
trying to avoid the predator and the ghost. Use the four arrow keys
to move the digger. You fail if you are caught by the predator.
Your digging speed in sands is twice as fast as the predator's, but
in the tunnels you dug, you are four times faster than it is.
However, the ghost appears randomly in your tunnels and fills them
with sands. Besides, if you are caught by the ghost, you will lose
some of your scores. There are magic bottles scattered in the sands.
Once you get hold of a magic bottle, for several steps the predator
becomes your prey. You have to take your time to catch it since your
"magic" does not last long. After you collect all the diamonds, you
are entering the next level.

When you are playing DIGGER, at the bottom line of the displaying
window, you can find useful information, such as your score and the
"magic steps" left for you. At anytime, you can press "ESC" to exit
the game.

This is a strategic game, somewhat like chess: your enemies don't
move until you move. So please plan well before you move.

* Notes

If you are using old versions of Basice, please upgrade to Basice V1.1b
(refer to "http://www.jps.net/deang/basice.htm").

Installation Instructions

DIGGER requires that Basice V1.1 be properly installed in your HPC.
Basice was developed by Dean Gienger (deang@usa.net). It's an
implementation of the BASIC language for Microsoft Windows CE.
For more details on how to download and install Basice, please
refer to "http://www.jps.net/deang/basice.htm".
Dean's Basice is an excellent work. Many thanks!

After downloading DiggerCE, unzip the file and copy "Digger.utl"
to the Basice library directory (i.e., /basice/lib/). Then copy
the shortcut file "Digger.lnk" to "\Program Files\Games\", as
well as to "\Windows\Programs\Games\". If Basice V1.1 is correctly
installed at "\basice\", the game can be launched by simply double
tapping the shortcuts.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://pami.uwaterloo.ca/~lrong/win-ce/
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Popularity 899
Total Downloads  53
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 18 January 2014


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