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Shell Force 1.5

A Command Interpreter for Windows CE. It is an application along the lines of the MS-DOS prompt on Windows 95/NT
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No more boring waits as your Explorer takes you to your destination one step at a time. What do you know ?...Shell is here! An application for the Windows CE platform, along the lines of the MS-DOS prompt on Windows 95/NT.

commands incorporated in Shell Force 1.5

Commands are NOT case sensitive. So you can type them either in UPPER CASE or lower case. The text given in square brackets ([ ]) denotes optional arguments.

? or Help
Gives you the list of all commands that are implemented.

CD [path] OR CHDIR [path]
Displays or changes the current directory.

Entering CD with no argument will display the current directory.

Entering CD and a pathname will change the current directory.

Clears the display and moves the cursor to the upper-left corner.

Copies files from one (directory) to another (directory)

Wildcards can be used.

E.g. COPY *.EXE \TEMP where TEMP is a directory name

/s Recursive copy

This is for copying of entire subdirectories.
E.g. COPY dir1 dir2 /s

Returns the System Date. You cannot edit the System Date in this version of Shell Force.

Erases the specified file(s) from the disk.

/P Prompt

Confirms (Y/N) file deletion for each file.

If you enter a filename composed only of wildcards (* and/or ?), DEL asks for confirmation (Y/N). If you respond with a Y, DEL will delete all the files corresponding to that wildcard.


Deletes the specified directory and all directories beneath it. Be very careful with this command. The specified directory, all directories beneath it, and all files contained in the directory are removed.

/Y No prompt

A warning message is NOT displayed before deleting a directory tree.

Displays information about files and subdirectories.

/AD Directories Only

/B Bare (no header or summaries)

/P Pause

/S Subdirectories included

/W Wide display

DIR displays information about the files and subdirectories in the specified directory. Depending upon the options specified, DIR can show the filename, file attributes, size, date and time of the most recent change to the file, and the file description. DIR allows the wildcard character '*' in the filename. If you don't specify a filename, DIR defaults to *.* (display all files and subdirectories in the current directory).

MD path OR MKDIR path
creates subdirectories.

MD and MKDIR are the same command.

Moves files to other directories The MOVE command moves the specified file to the last filename specified, which is designated as the target. If the target already exists, it is deleted when the file is moved. You cannot move a file to itself. MOVE first attempts to rename the file. If that fails (the target is on a different directory, or the target already exists), MOVE will copy the file and then delete the original.

Renames files or subdirectories. The last filename is the new name; preceding names are the files or directories to be renamed. The new filename must not already exist.

RD path OR RMDIR path
Removes directory.

RD and RMDIR are the same command.
Before removing a subdirectory, you must delete all the files and subdirectories (and their files) in that directory (including any hidden or read-only files).

Will exit Shell Force and get back to the Start Menu

Will display the current version of Shell Force



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 476
Total Downloads  115
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 18 January 2014


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