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FiscalPro 1.0

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Advanced Financial problem solver for Windows CE
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Fiscal Pro has been designed specifically for real estate, retailing and business professionals who need to use their Windows CE units to make fundamental financial decisions quickly and accurately. Fiscal Pro employs a "form filling" metaphor to provide you with a rich problem solving environment that is unparalled in its ease of use, power and flexibility. The applications menu provides access to 10 different calculation forms. A typical calculation form is illustrated above.

To perform a calculation:
1. Enter the known variables using their respective edit fields. 2. Tap the button that corresponds to the variable you want to solve for.
The result will be placed in the corresponding field. This provides a very powerful mechanism for performing "what-if" scenarios. Simply edit the variable in question and tap the appropriate button to recalculate the new result. There is no need to re-enter or remember previously entered variables.

Features at a glance

•Time and Money Calculations- Fiscal Pro provides a core set of time and money functions: simple and compound interest (i%), periods (n), Present Value (PV), payment (PMT) and future value (FV). Ordinary or payment (annuity) due problems can also be directly calculated. (the form is shown above)

•Amortization- Generate amortization schedules and using a single tap calculate loan balances, interest and principle portions.

•Effective and Nominal interest rate conversions - Quickly convert between nominal and effective interest rates using periodic or continuous compounding.

•Canadian Mortgages- Quickly calculate Canadian mortgage repayments or any other situation where compounding periods differ from the payment periods.

•Date calculations- Calculate future or past dates and the number of days between dates using the choice of two different date formats.

•Investment analysis- Use Fiscal Pro to evaluate your investment opportunities involving multiple cash flows with the Net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), Net Future Value (NFV), Net Uniform Series (NUS) and TOTAL functions.

•Retail-style percentage calculations- Fiscal Pro supports 10 different percentage calculations including markups, ratios, discounts, differences, cost prices and margins.

•Currency conversions- Currency conversion form facilitates quick and accurate conversions between 8 user defined currencies.

•Unit conversions- Five Unit conversion forms are also provided: Length, Area, Volume, Mass and Temperature.

•Comprehensive manual - Fiscal Pro comes with a illustrated 33 page manual that provides over 56 calculation examples.

Program Cost

$39.95 USD (£33.02 GBP, €37.97 EUR, ¥5,964.44 JPY, est.)



License Shareware
It's a demo has reduced functionality or contains nag-screens and in order to continue to use it or its full functionality you will have to pay for it.
Website http://www.landware.com
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Popularity 1076
Total Downloads  40
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 18 January 2014


archival36 16 February 2022 at 7:13:12 AM
Does not seem to have an expiration when installed via Activesync for Windows CE 2.0
It even has unit conversion and calls up the built in standard Calculator when you need it. Cool thing is that the built in calculator can turn into a pop-up.
archival36 25 February 2022 at 9:19:27 AM
Does not work for Casio A20, it states "this version is only for HP devices."
archival36 25 February 2022 at 9:19:28 AM
Does not work for Casio A20, it states "this version is only for HP devices."

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