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APLaunch 0.01

A small shortcut bar for opening favorite applications.
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- Start by the button and keyboard([Alt]+[Q]/[Alt]+[Shift]+[Q])
which were assigned.
(Case of keyboard :
It is necessary to start this program beforehand using start-up etc)

- Execute application chosen by cursor / action button, or the keyboard.
- Use a shortcut file for registration of application.
- It is possible to use the skin bitmap form.
(It is necessary to copy to the set-up folder after download separately)
- Some options are prepared on the settings.

Installation Instructions

- The downloaded Zip file is extracted.
- All files that the folder subordinate of Object CPU has are copied
to arbitrary folder.
- When using a keyboard, register to start-up.
(Shortcut of this application is created to a start-up folder)

- Case of keyboard :
Application chosen by [Alt]+[Q] key / [Alt]+[Shift]+[Q] key.
* Please register shortcut into start-up and
start this program beforehand.

- Case of button only (Pocket PC) :
Application is changed by continuous hits of a button.
Although every one default chooses the following application,
if a starting parameter is set to application,
it will move to an opposite direction.
Starting parameter in the case of an opposite direction
Please specify "/B".
(ex. \APLaunch.exe /B)

- Case of button + cursor (Pocket PC)
Button, and cursor/action button are used together.
1. Start this Application with Assigned Button.
2. Chooses by right/left and upper/lower of cursor.
(upper=PageDown, lower=PageUp)
3. Action Button Determines.
(Center of cursor)

<Application registration>
- Please create the shortcut of the application for registration
to the folder set as the Settings.
(Default is "\Windows\Launcher\")

- Skin data :
Skin data consists of Skin.bmp and Cancel.bmp.
The contents of a picture should refer to the skin data distributed to
the site.
(Please set up the use existence and the file storing folder of
skin on a Settings)

- Settings (Setting screen) :
Settings is execute file(.exe) different from a program main.
Please execute Setting.exe, when you use it.
(Installation registers shortcut into a start menu)


License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://page.freett.com/todamitsu/index_english.htm
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Popularity 646
Total Downloads  77
Submitted By CE Geek
Submitted On 19 January 2014


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