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Pocket Artist 1.14

Graphic utility
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Screenshot of Main program screen


Perhaps one of the premiere paint programs for HPCs, Conduits is well known for their support and superior products. This is the older 1.14 version. The newest version, 3.3 adds more control and options than this one, but supports HPC2000 only while this version supports older handhelds.

System Requirements

Copy CAB files to handheld and tap on it to install.

Installation Instructions

Copy CAB files to handheld and tap on it to install.

Program Cost

$19.95 USD (£16.49 GBP, €18.96 EUR, ¥2,978.49 JPY, est.)



License Shareware
It's a demo has reduced functionality or contains nag-screens and in order to continue to use it or its full functionality you will have to pay for it.
Website http://conduits.com
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Popularity 794
Total Downloads  64
Submitted By Rich Hawley
Submitted On 08 February 2014


archival36 08 April 2022 at 3:56:50 AM
Kept saying that one of its components are not found. I ran the SH3 CAB version and it installed without errors, but running the program after reset produced a missing component. I have tried the MFCs still missing some files/components to run.
C:Amie 14 May 2022 at 5:53:14 PM
Its imports are:

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