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Tcl 8.3.20010904

Open Source
Tool Command Language (TCL) open source port for Windows CE
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Based on Tcl 8.3 for Windows by Scott Stanton/Scriptics Corporation.

In order to compile Tcl for Windows CE, you need the following items:
•Tcl 8.3.2 for Windows CE source distribution
•Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools 3.0

In the "ce" subdirectory of the source release, you will find a batch file "setupenv.bat". Modify its contents to match your EVT installation environment, then execute it with the target OS version, platform and CPU type specified on the command line. Run setupenv --help for a complete list of valid parameters.

For example, to set the iPAQ as a target device, run setupenv wce300 mspocketpc arm (Windows CE 3.0, Pocket PC platform, ARM processor).

After setting up the environment, run nmake all to build the Tcl libraries, the tclsh executable and the Registry package.

4. Test suite

This distribution contains an extensive test suite for Tcl. Some of the tests are timing dependent and will fail from time to time. If a test is failing consistently, please send us a bug report with as much detail as you can manage.

In order to run the test suite, you build the "test" target using the appropriate makefile for your compiler.

5. Limitations

The Windows CE operating system does not support the followings:
•Pipes, i/o redirection
•Environment variables (a Tcl-level emulation is used)
•Current working directory (cd and pwd commands; a Tcl-level emulation is planned)
•Dynamic Data Exchange

6. Current state of the port

This is a work in progress. All modules compile now, and all the missing standard C and Win32 functionalities are implemented.

The following configurations were tested (lightly):
•Windows CE 2.11 on an upgraded HP 620lx (SH3)
•Windows CE 2.11 on NEC MobilePro 770 and 780 (MIPS)
•Windows CE 3.0 on an iPAQ 3630 (StrongARM)

Sockets are not supported.

No automatic installation. Installation directory names are hard-coded.

See changes.txt and todo.txt for further details.

Installation Instructions

At the moment, the installation process is manual and the directory names are hard-coded. The installation steps are:
1.Create the following directories on the CE device:
\Program Files\tcl83
\Program Files\tcl83\bin
\Program Files\tcl83\lib
\Program Files\tcl83\lib\tcl83

2.Copy tclsh83.exe and tcl83.dll from ce\Release\<osversion>\<platform>\<cpu> on the PC to \Program Files\tcl83\bin on the CE device

3.Copy all files from the library directory on the PC to \Program Files\tcl83\lib\tcl83 on the CE device

4.Copy tclreg83.dll from ce\Release\<osversion>\<platform>\<cpu> on the PC to \Program Files\tcl83\lib\tcl83\reg1.0 on the CE device


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License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website http://tclce.sourceforge.net/
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We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
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Total Downloads  98
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 17 February 2014


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