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RoxIRC 2.0

RoxIRC is a Windows CE compatible IRC client written using Tcl/Tk for Windows CE
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Screenshots & Images

Screenshot of Main chat window


This is a quick and dirty hack of RoxIRC (an IRC client written in tcl) for use on Windows CE.
It isn't pretty, but it works. It's sized to fit CE devices with 800x480 resolution with taskbar shown.
It supports time stamps, logging, DCC file transfers (saves to desktop), and double clicking on url's will open in internet explorer.

Combine/Combine all combines all channel windows into 1 with tabs. However the window
gets resized very small. You might be able to solve that with WinWatch, but for now i
recommend just not using that feature until i figure it out. It's a limitation of eTcl i believe.

Enjoy - RTFM/wicknix

Installation Instructions

Just unzip to the root of your device (can't be run from storage card yet, sorry).
If your device 'cleans' itself on every boot you'll have to copy roxirc back again.
You should now have a .roxirc folder in the root of your device.

I've included eTcl which is required to run this application. (unzip anywhere)
Open eTcl and click Options -> Associate
This will associate eTcl with .tcl files. You wont need to run eTcl anymore after this.
Now simply navigate to \.roxirc\bin and double click roxirc.tcl to start roxirc.

To customize roxirc you only need to edit 3 files. Edit 'config' to change your username
and/or to change the channels you'd like to show up in the menu bar. Edit 'startup' to
change the default server and channels to auto join on start up. Edit 'prefs' to change
ident, mess with color settings etc.
DO NOT mess with any other files!



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.hostwork.com/users/matt/
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Popularity 1130
Total Downloads  35
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 17 February 2014


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