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Strummer 1.2

Guitar strumming software
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Screenshot of Main program


Strummer is a program that lets you write and play great guitar songs on your PPC or HPC. You can

Play guitar chords and single notes (it's a real guitar (mine...) that you hear playing)
Define, edit, save, and load strumming patterns and picking patterns (arpeggios) and create pattern libraries

Record and edit a song using these patterns, copy/cut/paste/delete blocks within the song, and transpose a part or all to a different key with just a few clicks
Play the song with different speeds. Load and save your masterpieces

System Requirements

Copy CAB file to handheld and tap on it to install. Requires PocketC runtime.

Installation Instructions

Copy CAB file to handheld and tap on it to install. Requires PocketC runtime.



License Exemptionware
The developer has explicity chosen to make available a program that was formerly a commercial product, however is explcitly re-licencing the program (without necessary changing the legal disclaimers within) to remove any and all statements of liability.
Website http://www.pdamusician.com
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Popularity 1007
Total Downloads  44
Submitted By Rich Hawley
Submitted On 17 February 2014


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