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PowerToys 2.0

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PowerToys pack for power-user of Handheld PC's (H/PC) running on the Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 platform.
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This download is for H/PCs running Windows CE 2.0 only and will not work on H/PCs powered by Windows CE 1.0.

Use of these unsupported tools is at your own risk.

New Features in PowerToys for Handheld PC Version 2.0

Business Cards
Exchange business cards as easily as shaking hands. Pick a business card from your Contacts application and exchange it over InfraRed. Gives you the ability to exchange your personal or corporate logo with your business card.

Information Today
View everything about Today all from one application. This unique tool shows your appointments, tasks, alarms, electronic mail (e-mail), contacts and status that are relevant to today. Double-clicking an item launches the application that created the data.

Mailbox Grepper
Finds e-mail addresses hiding in your e-mail.
This PowerToy is integrated into the Contacts application.

Scans the headers of all messages in your inbox. Creates a contact for each unique e-mail address found. Populates the name, e-mail, company and country fields based on information found in the e-mail address.

Create Contacts:

Open Contacts.
Tools > Mailbox Grepper.
Find All Created Contacts:

Tools > Customize Columns.
Add Office Location and tap OK.
Sort by Office Location.

DTMF Dialing
Dials the phone number stored in a contact.
This PowerToy is integrated into the Contacts application.

Dials an analog phone. Choose the number from a list of all the phone numbers in the specified contact card and dial with the push of a button. No more remembering phone numbers.

Old Favorites Returning from the Original PowerToys

Turn off all sounds with a tap of a taskbar button.
The Mute program places a speaker icon in the tray on the taskbar.

When sounds are off, the speaker icon is displayed with an X through it and the volume is set to 0.

To turn sounds on or off:

Tap the speaker icon.
To quit the Mute program:

Double-click the speaker icon.
In the Mute Speaker dialog box, tap Yes to exit.

Cascading Menus
Instant access to files and folders using cascading and scrolling menus. Places an icon on the tray of your taskbar on your H/PC. Delayed icon fetch speeds up performance 300%.

To launch a file, double-click the file on the Cascading menu.
To browse subfolders, double-click the folder on the Cascading menu. The Cascading menu displays a submenu showing the folder's contents.
To explore folders in Explorer view, hold CTRL while double-clicking the folder.
Fully customizable: just drag the files, folders or shortcuts you'd like to see on the menu to the Windows\Start Menu folder.

Paint Program for Windows CE
Create pictures and edit images with a pocket-sized version of the Microsoft Windows 95 Paint program. Paint for Windows CE works just like Paint for Windows 95 on your desktop computer.

Sound Schemes
Copy one or more of the following custom sound schemes to your H/PC. Use the Sound tab on the Volume & Sounds control panel to activate them. These classic schemes are available: Analog, Metallic, and Organic. This new scheme has clever connection sound effects: Sci-Fi.

Bitmap Tiles
Copies nine more bitmaps to your Handheld PC. Use the Display control panel to select a new image as the Windows CE wallpaper. The following bitmaps are available: Arcade, Argyle, Cars, Castle, Chintz, Concrete, Honey, Squares, and Thatch.

Notably Missing

Remote Control for Windows CE
Note: Unfortunately, Remote Control no longer works in version 2.0. The technical reason is that a change to the graphics subsystem no longer allows a 2-1 splitter to be dropped into the video-out system. Thank you all for your positive feedback about enjoying this PowerToy.

System Requirements

This download is for H/PCs running Windows CE 2.0 only. and will not work on H/PCs powered by Windows CE 1.0.

Installation Instructions

This download is for H/PCs running Windows CE 2.0 only. and will not work on H/PCs powered by Windows CE 1.0.


ContactsPower ToysPIMPaint

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.microsoft.com
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Released 10 April 1998
Language Support English (United States)
Popularity 23
Total Downloads  23614
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 05 July 2009


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