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Plus! Pack for Windows CE Handheld PC Pro Edition 3.0

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Plus! for Handheld PC Professional provides additional bonus utility applications for your H/PC.
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You can run most of these program by selecting Start > Programs > Plus!, then selecting the program name. Program Switcher runs automatically when you turn on your H/PC. Favorites sync automatically when you connect your device to your desktop. Below, following download instructions and system requirements, you’ll find some tips for using the software in the Plus! Pack.

Program Switcher
Using the Program Switcher, you can quickly switch from one program to another. After you install this program, reset your Handheld PC.
To use Program Switcher:

Press Alt+Tab to display the Program Switcher window.
While holding down the ALT key, press the Tab key to switch to the next program.
Release all keys to display the selected program, or press the ESC key to cancel the selection. Note: While holding down the ALT key, press SHIFT+TAB to move to the previous program.

Resource Meter
This program displays the amount of program memory, storage memory and main battery power (if your Handheld PC supports this feature) in the status area of the taskbar.

Using Mute, you can activate or turn off all sounds, by simply selecting the Speaker icon in the taskbar.
To adjust the volume:

Press Alt and click on the Speaker icon.
Select Adjust Volume.
Move the slider in the Volume window up or down to adjust the volume.
Tap or click outside the Volume window to close it.
To quit the Mute program:

Press Alt+click on the Speaker icon.
Select Exit.
To see the Volume & Sounds control panel program:

Double-click on the Speaker icon.

Pocket Paint
Create pictures and edit images with Pocket Paint, a pocket-size version of Microsoft Paint. Pocket Paint works just like Microsoft Paint on your desktop computer.

Squares is a game of strategy. For more information, see the online Help.

Pocket Word Count
This program counts the number of words in an open Pocket Word document.
To count words:

Open a Pocket Word document.
Select the Word Count icon in the taskbar.
Note: Word count shown by Microsoft Word may be different than the word count shown for the same document in Pocket Word. The difference is usually due to numbered lists in the document. Microsoft Word includes the leading numbers in numbered lists in its count of words, but these numbers are not included by Pocket Word Count.

Image Viewer
Use Image Viewer to see .gif files, all .jpg files, most .bmp files, some .xbm files, all .png files, and .tif files generated by the MS-FAX service.

Outline Converter
This program converts Pocket Word outlines into Pocket PowerPoint presentations. Here’s how:
Open Pocket Word.
Create a document in outline view.
Select File > Save As.
In the Name box, enter the file name.
In the Type box, select Pocket PowerPoint Presentation.
Select OK.
The Save As Pocket PowerPoint dialog box appears. For more information, select ? to see Help.

PIM Today
This program shows all of today's PIM data in one window. For more information, select ? to see Help.

Spell Checker
This program checks the spelling in outgoing messages in Inbox.
Click on the control window in Inbox that contains the message.
Press the Windows logo key+S to start the spell check.
If incorrect words are found, press ENTER to move to the next word and press ESC to close the spell checker's window.

Pocket PowerPoint Templates
Use these templates in Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to create presentations that can be viewed on your Handheld PC with Microsoft Pocket PowerPoint.
These templates require Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to be installed on your desktop computer. The templates are copied to \Microsoft Office\Templates\PPP Presentations. If neither Microsoft PowerPoint 97 or Office 97 is installed on your desktop computer, the templates are copied to a folder called PPP Presentations, in the folder that you selected during installation.

To use the templates:

Start Microsoft PowerPoint 97 on your desktop computer.
Select File > New.
Select the PPP Presentations tab.
Select a template.
Create your presentation.
Download and convert the presentation to your device.

Plus! Background Image
A background image for your Handheld PC's desktop.
To use the Plus! background image:

After installation, select Start > Settings > Control Panel.
Double-tap or double-click Display.
In the Image list, select Plus!

Synchronize Internet Explorer Favorites between the desktop computer and the Handheld PC (H/PC). Favorites sync automatically when you connect your device to your desktop.
To use Favorites Sync:

After installing Favorites Sync, disconnect the H/PC.
Reconnect the H/PC.
Establish a partnership with the computer.
Select H/PC Favorites in the ActiveSync Options dialog for the partnership.
Note: Modifying a synchronized favorite item on both the device and the desktop may cause the modified item to be duplicated or lost. To prevent this from happening, do not make changes to favorites on both the device and the desktop. Instead, make the changes (such as renaming or moving) on the desktop only.

Miscellaneous Notes
If a backup/restore operation is performed after installing Plus!, the following error message may be encountered on restore.
"Restore could not copy the following file(s) to the device..." CEfavsync.dll alttab.dll

Note: This error occurs because the files are in use by Windows CE Services and Shell. You can choose to skip these files during the restore to work around this.

System Requirements

This download is for Windows CE for the Handheld PC (H/PC) version 3.0 or higher only and will not work on H/PCs powered by Windows CE 2.0 or 1.0.

Installation Instructions

This download is for Windows CE for the Handheld PC (H/PC) version 3.0 or higher only and will not work on H/PCs powered by Windows CE 2.0 or 1.0.


GamePIMPaintSpell Checkersoundprogram switchersquaresFavouritesFavoritesMuteTask SwitcherResource MonitorWord CountImage ViewierPocket PowerPoint

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.microsoft.com
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Released 30 April 1999
Language Support English (United States)
Popularity 73
Total Downloads  3972
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 05 July 2009


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