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Application Name XFreeCE
License Type Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
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XFreeCE is a port of XFree86 for Windows CE
Description Currently, only ARM/HPC2000 (Jornada720) is supported. You need a fast
machine for this, and probably a larger display than a PPC. I might
provide binaries for SH3/HPC/WCE211. You will probably need a CF card
to store the files.

You will need some knowledge of X11 and a registry editor for WinCE.

The package contains an xserver which uses bitblits from a memory
framebuffer to a normal window, and some X clients (twm, xcalc,
xeyes, xedit, xpdf). The clients are statically linked, so they are
quite big. I might try to build client dlls.

*** Problems:

There are lots of them. Right mouse-button is not supported in WinCE,
so many apps might have non-accessible menues etc. Some keys might not
be mapped correctly.

All programs produce files in the root directory of your device.
These contain stderr/stdout of the programs. You might check these if
you have problems. You can delete these files without worry.
Installation Instructions You should also download the latest celib.dll, gzip and w32console!

Unpack the tarball on your desktop and copy the directories to your
CF card with ActiveSync.

Create the following keys in your CE registry, replace paths to your
needs (you can use forward or backward slashes):



Get X11 fonts, probably from a Linux machine, and install in
/usr/lib/X11/fonts. You can use compressed fonts. I might make
available fonts in a separate package.

Fix your hostname in /etc/X0.hosts.

Edit /bin/startx.bat and fix the font path of the xserver.

Start X with "\bin\w32console.exe -f /bin/startx.bat". This starts the X
server and twm.

Be aware that f.exec int .twmrc does not use 'exec' and no '&', as is normal
under Unix.

The XServer can be killed with the close menu in the task bar.
Tags Open Source, XServer, X11
Popularity 1582
Total Downloads 13
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 12 February 2021


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