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SBM NE2000

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Application Name SBM NE2000
Version 1.1
License Type Trialware
It's a demo only and in order to continue to use it after a period of time you will have to pay for it.
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SBM NE2000 Driver
Description Not all NE2000 compatible network adapters will work properly with the NE2000 driver supplied with the Windows CE Services CD. So for many cards the question for the driver name will be asked again on every insertion of the card. Our driver will ask once and never again.

SBM-NE2000.dll does not have a user interface. The program will start automatically if you insert the network adaptor.


Make sure that you have entered the proper IP settings for the adaptor. Especially the IP address must be in the same subnet as your desktop PC.
In the folder tab Name Server you have to enter the IP address of your desktop PC for the primery WINS.
Use a low power network adaptor. Plug in the power adaptor to avoid data loss!
You can rename the file SBM-NE2000.dll into the name of your choice. For example renaming the file into NE2000.dll will replace the original file in the ROM of some devices.
Installation Instructions Please make a backup first. It's always a good idea to backup your device before you install a new program. Even if we have tested all of our programs very intense, because of the variety of existing programs and system configurations no one can guarantee that no problem will occur.

Close all applications on your Windows CE device.
Unpack the ZIP archive in a folder.
Make a connection to your Windows CE device.
Copy the file SBM-NE2000.dll into the folder Windows on your Windows CE device.
Insert the CD Windows CE Services.
Open the folder "Optional Components", "Ethernet Component", "MIPS" or "SH3" depending on the processor in your Windows CE device.
Copy the files arp.dll, dhcp.dll, ndis.dll and network.cpl in the folder Windows of your Windows CE device. Do not copy the file ne2000.dll.
Restart your Windows CE device. To do so, please press the reset button on the Windows CE device.
Plug in the power adaptor.
Insert the network adaptor.
You will be asked for the driver name. Enter "SBM-NE2000" (without the quotation marks).
Go on as described in the info file of the Ethernet Component.
Tags Network, driver, Networking, NE2000, Novell 1000
Popularity 1545
Total Downloads 14
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 15 February 2021


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