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Matches Found for "programming": 15

Version: 1.1b | By Dean Gienger
Basice is a complete BASIC computer language system supporting Handheld PCs
Version: 1.1 | By Logical Sky Software
C++ editor
Version: 1.06 | By Aristar
Intermediate programming language
Version: Beta | By Delosoft
Forth programming language
Version: 1.49 | By Eve Soft
Ewe is a Java type programming system that allows you to write applications
Version: 1.7.3ce | By DejaVu Software
GNU's Database Manager, ported to Windows CE
Version: | By Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine for Windows CE
Version: 7.0 | By NSBasicCE
Basic programming language for Windows CE
Version: 5.6.0 | By Rainer Keuchel
Perl 5.6.0 for Windows CE 2.11
Version: 1.2.2 | By Ben goetter
LISP like programming language
Version: b1.29 | By Landware
PocketC is a WinCE-based C compiler
Version: b1.29 | By OrbWorks
PocketC is a WinCE-based C compiler, this is the x86 Emulator edition of the on-device release
Version: 2.3.4 | By PythonCE
Python port for Windows CE devices
Version: 0.35 | By OnHiatus Software
C language text editor
Version: 3.3 | By Harald-René Flasch
CE debug monitor
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