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Matches Found for "Fong Chee Keat": 8

Version: 1.0 | By Fong Chee Keat
Sick of that dirty green color on your HPC's desktop? Change it with ColorTweaker! And change the color of just about anything else you want - buttons, menus, text etc.
Version: 1.25 | By Fong Chee Keat
Easy to use full screen clock
Version: 1.0 | By Fong Chee Keat
DeSappear is a small app that makes your desktop background color transparent, so that you'll see the background wallpaper instead of the background color under the desktop icon text
Version: 1.2 | By Fong Chee Keat
Document editor utility
Version: 1.0 | By Fong Chee Keat
File transfer utility
Version: 1.0 | By Fong Chee Keat
Animated clock with text revolving around the center. Stylus touch changes clock movement...very nice
Version: 1.01 | By Fong Chee Keat
Calculates pi anywhere from 1 to 20000 decimal places.
Version: 1.30 | By Fong Chee Keat
Scans directories and produces a file system report based upon its contents
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