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'Error spawning <compiler_executable>.exe' in Visual Studio 6.0 when targeting HPC2000


Applies To

  • Windows CE 3.0, HPC2000
  • Visual Studio 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0


When attempting to target HPC2000 using Visual C++ 6.0 with the Windows CE Toolkit 6.0, you recieve one of the following error messages

error spawning cl.exe

error spawning clarm.exe

error spawning clmips.exe

error spawning clppc.exe

error spawning clthumb.exe


More Info

The error is caused by the fact that the HPC2000 SDK, unlike its predecessors, does not ship with the Windows CE 3.0 compiler or linker. These files must be obtained from Platform Builder 3.0 or from Embedded Visual Tool 3.0.

  1. Install Visual Studio 6.0, the Windows CE Toolkit 6.0 and the HPC2000 SDK as normal ensuring that you use the default installation directories.
  2. Download eVT from the link above and run the installer.
  3. the installer will extract itself into 2 directories - DISK1 and DISK2.
  4. Exit all Visual Studio 6.0 applications
  5. From the extracted folder, copy the contents of .\DISK1\WCE\wce300 - the BIN and TARGET folders - into C:\Windows CE Tools\wce300, merging the existing folders together
  6. Restart Visual C++ 6.0
  7. You can now target HPC2000 successfully and can delete the extracted eVT instalaltion files