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Cannot install Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects SDK v2.0 due to "Setup could not find Windows CE Services 2.0" error


Applies To

  • Windows CE 2.0
  • ActiveX Data Objects SDK  2.0


When you attempt to install the ActiveX Data Objects SDK (ADO) version 2.0 you receive the error message:

Setup could not find Windows CE Services 2.0 installed on your system. Please install Windows CE Services 2.0 before installing this application.

Windows CE Services 2.0 error

Setup then exits, refusing to install the ADO SDK. This happens regardless of whether you have Windows CE Services 2.1, 2.2 or any version of ActiveSync installed.

More Info

The ADO SDK 2.0 installer was hard coded to require the presence of Windows CE Services 2.0. It is does not allow for the presence of a higher version substitute of Windows CE Services or ActiveSync as a qualification for Windows CE Services being installed.

The installer searches the C drive for the presence of CeAppMgr.exe and aborts the install if it is not found or if its version number is not prefixed with "2.0".

To fix the error

  1. Open the adoce.stf file from the extracted installer
  2. Find the line
		 Windows CE Services 2.0  
		 "adosetup.dll, AddAppSrch,""Required,C:\,ceappmgr.exe,2.0,3 4"""
  1. Replace the 2.0 value with the verison of CeAppMgr.exe that you have installed, for example 3.8 for ActiveSync 3.8 or 2.2 for Windows CE Services 2.2.
		 Windows CE Services 2.0  
		 "adosetup.dll, AddAppSrch,""Required,C:\,ceappmgr.exe,3.8,3 4"""
  1. Save the file and re-run setup.exe to complete the installation.