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Using AT&T Worldnet as your Dial-up ISP with hp Dial-up 2.0


Applies To

  • Handheld PC Professional, SP1
  • Handheld PC 2000


This article discusses the steps involved in creating a dial-up connection to AT&T Worldnet on your hp Jornada Handheld PC, using hp Dial-up 2.0.

How-to Guide

Users of Hewlett Packard Handheld PC Pro devices can download hp Dial-up 2.0 from the hp.com support section.

Obtain your user account details

  1. On your PC bring up the AT&T Worldnet Log-on Screen and click the Settings button
  2. Locate the section titled Customer Care, and click the box next to it to expand the information
  3. Note down the dial-up telephone number listed on this screen
  4. Click on Account Information
  5. Note down your Network ID (e.g. 12345@worldnet.att.net) and your Network Password

Configure the Handheld PC

  1. On the Handheld PC launch hp Dial-up 2.0
  2. If you have previously configured dial-up accounts on your device click on the Service Provider tab, and then on New to launch the New Connection Wizard
    If this is the first time you have run hp Dial-up 2.0 then the wizard will be displayed automatically
  3. Enter a friendly name for the new connection (e.g. AT&T Worldnet) and tap next
  4. In the User Name box enter the Network ID you noted down earlier
  5. If you wish to have the Handheld PC remember the dial-up account password, tap the Remember Password check box and enter the Network Password you noted down in to the Password text box. Tap next
  6. From the available Options choose AT&T Worldnet and then your geographical location. This should automatically select the necessary telephone number for you. If the number does not match the one from your PC be sure to change it to match. Tap next
  7. You can now complete the Wizard

The configuration of the dial-up connection is now complete.
Profiles will now be created within hp Dial-up 2.0 and in the Windows CE Remote Networking system. Simply connect your phone cable to the modem and using hp Dial-up 2.0 or Remote Networking dial the connection.