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Support for the IBM MicroDrive on Windows CE 1.0 & 2.0


Applies to:

  • Windows CE 1.0, CE 1.01
  • Windows CE 2.0, CE 2.0 SP1


This article discusses compatibility issues between Windows CE 1.0x & 2.0 and the IBM MicroDrive model's:

  • DSCM-10340 (340 MB)
  • DSCM-10512 (512 MB)
  • DSCM-11000 (1 GB)

Windows CE 1.0x

The IBM MicroDrive is not supported under this platform.

Windows CE 2.0

There are know incompatibility issues that a user may experience when using the IBM MicroDrive under Windows CE 2.0.

1. Handheld PCs (HPCs) with PC card using Windows CE:
In some H/PCs which use Windows CE 2.0 and are equipped with a PC Card slot a storage card folder does not appear when the drive is inserted into the PC Card slot. An "Unidentified PC Card Adapter" message also appears. The device does not wait until the drive is accessible. The solution is to upgrade to CE Core System version 2.11.

2. Handheld PC requests formatting a drive already formatted:
Some Windows CE Handheld PCs do not provide the MicroDrive with sufficient power to become ready. You may get a message asking you to format your drive which has already been formatted. If you select NO, the Storage Card folder will not be present. If you select YES, an error will occur on the format operation, usually Error 31. You must contact the system provider for a solution.


Upgrade to Windows CE 2.11 or higher (Not a supported upgrade on the HP 300 series)

For more information visit the IBM website - http://www.ibm.com/