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Generic Infrared (IrDA) Modem Driver for Windows CE


Applies To

  • Windows CE 2.0, CE 2.0 SP1
  • Windows CE 2.11
  • Windows CE 2.12


Windows CE 2 based devices do not contain a Generic Infrared Modem driver. Such functionality was added in later Handheld PC platform releases. Users with a mobile phone equipped with a Infrared port will require a driver in order to use their phone to connect a Handheld PC based device to the Internet.



The HPC:Factor Generic Modem Driver for Windows CE 2.0 and Handheld PC Pro provides basic functionality for connecting to the Internet using a Mobile phone.

The driver is a Generic driver and in tests we have had good success rates at connecting phones from different manufacturers.

Driver version is written specifically for Windows CE 2.0; multiprocessor, however should work with newer versions if required.

For a list of compatible phones see the HPC:Factor Hardware Compatibility List

Installation & Usage Guide

The HPC:Factor Generic IrDA driver may not function if the Nokia IrDA Modem update has been installed on your device. See CESD-S-0033 for removal instructions.

To Install the HPC:Factor Generic IrDA Modem Driver version

  1. Download GenIrDA.cab
  2. Upload the downloaded file to your Handheld PC
  3. Double tap GenIrDA.cab
  4. Install all files to their default location by tapping OK when prompted
  5. Files and settings will now be copied. Once installation is complete Soft Reset your HPC

Open Remote Networking from the Start Menu

If you wish to create a new connection:

  1. Choose 'Make new connection'
  2. Give the connection a name and select Dial-Up Networking, click next
  3. In the Select a modem drop box choose 'Generic Infrared Modem on COM3:'
  4. Complete the New Connection Wizard

Generic Infrared Modem on COM3 is now listed

If you wish to modify an existing connection:

  1. Highlight the connection you wish to modify
  2. Tap the File menu and Properties
  3. In the Select a modem drop box choose 'Generic Infrared Modem on COM3:'
  4. Tap next and complete the connection wizard


We would like to hear from user on successes and failures of this driver. If you have used the driver, please let us know how you got on: contact

See Also

Hardware Compatibility List (HCL); Uninstalling the Nokia IrDA Update