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Installing Microsoft Outlook 98


Applies To

  • Microsoft Outlook 98


Microsoft Outlook 98 is no longer supported by Microsoft. As part of HPC Factor's work on providing information for legacy H/PC users, this basic guide covers how to install and initially setup Outlook 98.

This document is primarily based around the CESD-S-0028 media tutorial which visually outlines the process.

How-to Guide

In order for the installation to succeed you must have all of the files present. The Active Setup routine that was shipped with Outlook 98 when it was available from Microsoft themselves (Similar to how the Internet Explorer installer works) will no longer function.

If you downloaded Outlook 98 (See CESD-S-0023) you must download all of the available files. If you are installing from CD, all of the required files will automatically be available.

Download: WMV8 (4.66 MB) | h264 (6.69 MB)

Insert your Outlook 98 CD or download the installation files.

  1. Locate the Setup.exe file through My Computer, either on the CD or in the download folder
  2. Double Click Setup.exe to begin the installation process
  3. On the 'Outlook 98 Setup' screen click Next to continue
  4. Read the License agreement presented. Select 'I accept the agreement' and click next*
  5. Enter your user name & company name. These fields may be filled in for you by the setup process. If they are incorrect you can change them. Click Next to continue
  6. On the 'Installation Options' screen you have the choice of three predefined installation methods. We recommend that you choose Standard Install and use the Web Components Updater to install extra files at a later time (See Outlook 98 Updates). Click Next to continue
    • Minimal Install - Installs Outlook 98, Internet Explorer 4.01 & Browser Enhancements
    • Standard Install - The same as the Minimal Install but with the help files
    • Full Install - The same as Standard but with Database Converters, Development Tools, Microsoft NetMeeting 2.11, Office sounds, animated cursors and Lotus Organiser converter
  7. E-Mail Upgrade Options allows you to specify whether Outlook 98 will import e-mail and address data from other supported mail clients, such as Outlook Express. If you wish to use Outlook as your primary e-mail client. It is recommended that you perform the transfer operation now. If you don't wish to import messages, or you don't have any to import, select 'None of the above' and click Next
  8. The E-mail Service Options' screen is important. It allows you to choose the mode that Outlook 98 will run in. You should consider your needs carefully before you continue. When ready, click Next to continue
    • Internet Only - If you are going to use Outlook 98 as a standalone E-mail application, irrespective of what content you wish to synchronise with your Handheld PC, you should select this option. It allows you to access POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP mail servers
    • Corporate or Workgroup - If you are planning on connecting to a MAPI messaging service, such as Microsoft Exchange and - or wish to use standard Internet E-mail services (POP3, IMAP4 SMTP) you should choose this option.
    • No E-mail - Instructs Outlook 98 not to install E-mail support. Use this option if you do not use e-mail, wish to use another e-mail client and do not wish to synchronise e-mail with your Handheld PC

      If you are unsure, you should select Internet Only mode. If necessary this can be changed after the installation
  9. You should accept the default installation path, click Next
  10. The installation will now start
  11. If you are prompted with a dialogue asking whether to 'Upgrade new items?' and are running Windows 98 SE, Millennium, 2000, XP -or- Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. It is vital that you choose 'Upgrade only newer items'. Failure to do so may render your computer unable to boot, or damage other programs
  12. The file extraction and copying will now take place. Depending on the speed of your computer it may take a few minutes
  13. If you are installing onto a PC running Windows 98 SE, Millennium, 2000, XP -or- Internet Explorer 5.0 and above you will see a screen stating that Installation is incomplete. This is just informing you that Internet Explorer 4.01 was not installed. Click OK to continue
  14. You Must reboot your computer at this point. If you are not prompted to do so. Click the Start Button > Shutdown > Restart > OK
  15. The computer may take longer than normal to reboot and log-in. This should be a one off occurrence as the Outlook 98 installation finishes Once complete you should see the Outlook 98 Icon on your desktop

* You must accept the license agreement

Before Running Outlook 98 for the first time

Outlook 98 attempts to install out-of-date Internet Explorer components on your PC. You should download and install the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, irrespective of whether you wish to use it as your web browser. Updating Internet Explorer will increase Outlook's security. For Windows 95 Click Here, Windows NT 4.0 Click Here. For all others Click Here

In the Start Menu there will now be an entry for 'Microsoft Outlook Newsreader'. Unless the installer installed Internet Explorer 4.01 on your system, or you already have Internet Explorer 4.01 installed, this link will be broken. It can safely be removed. It was replaced with Outlook Express.

You should now download and install all of the latest Security updates for Outlook 98. It is important to do this as it can help to protect your computer from a malicious e-mail, and to help improve the synchronisation process with your Handheld PC. For a list of updates for Outlook 98 click here.

Running Outlook for the first time - Create E-mail account

Provided you selected the Internet Only option during install, when you first run Outlook 98 you will be presented with a wizard which will assist you with setting up an e-mail account. This Wizard is the e-mail module of the Internet Explorer Internet Connection Wizard. By updating Internet Explorer you will have updated this wizard.

The first piece of information required is your display name. This is a friendly name that will appear in the receivers 'From' column when you send out e-mail. Generally putting your full name, or company name is recommended. Click Next.

Now you need to enter your e-mail address. You will have registered this with your Internet service provider when you subscribed to the Internet Click next.

The next screen is where you provide Outlook with the technical details of your e-mail address. You must specify from the drop box whether it is a POP3 or a IMAP mail box. If you are unsure you should contact your ISP. Generally they are POP3.
You must also fill in the Inbound and Outbound mail server addresses in the text boxes. This information is also available from your ISP. Click Next

The Internet Mail Log-on screen asks you for the username and password need to access your mail account. Click next when ready.

Unfortunately Outlook isn't connection aware like Outlook Express is, you must choose how which method you will be connecting to the Internet with from the list. If you are unsure choose 'I will establish my Internet connection manually'. Click Next.

Congratulations, you have now setup Microsoft Outlook 98. Click the finish button to exit the wizard and load your Inbox.

Checking the Product version

In order to ensure that you have successfully patched Outlook 98, you should check the product version. To do this choose:

Help > About Microsoft Outlook

The version available for download from Microsoft.com was 8.5.5104.6. If your version is lower or equal to this then you have not applied any security updates to Outlook and should do so immediately. If your version number is 8.5.7806.0 then you have applied all available security updates.

For more information on Outlook 98 Patches and Updates, see the HPC Factor Patches and Updates Section.