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Handheld PC File Extension List


Applies To

  • Windows CE 1.0, 1.01
  • Windows CE 2.0, SP1
  • Handheld PC Professional, SP1
  • Handheld PC 2000


This article lists the registered file types found on Windows CE based Handheld PCs and their file supported extensions.

More Info

The following is a list of registered file type on Windows CE Handheld PC's. It does not take account of third party file extensions. Not all extensions are applicable to all generations of the Handheld PC.

.2bp 2-bit BitMap Image : Pocket IE : Pocket Paint
.asy ActiveSync Settings Config : Repllog.exe
.bmp BitMap Image : Pocket IE
.cab Cabinet Installer Executable : System
.cdb Pocket Access Database Database : Pocket Access
.cpl Control Panel Applet Config : System
.exe Win32 Exevutive Executable : System
.fnt Font Library Font : System
.gif Graphics Interchange Format Image : Pocket IE
.htc CE Help Contents Help : System
.htm HTML Web Document Document : Pocket IE
.html HTML Web Document Docuemnt : Pocket IE
.htp CE Help Document Help : System
.jpg Joint Photographic Experts Group Image : Pocket IE
.jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group Image : Pocket IE
.mp3 MPEG Layer 3 Audio Audio : Windows Media Player
.pdt InkWriter Template Template : InkWriter
.ppv Pocket PowerPoint Document Document : Pocket PowerPoint
.pwd Pocket Word Document Document : Pocket Word
.pwt Pocket Word Template Template : Pocket Word
.pxl Pocket Excel Spreadsheet Document : Pocket Excel
.pxt Pocket Excel Template Template : Pocket Excel
.rtf Rich Text Format Document : Pocket Word
.tif Tagged Image File Format Image : Pocket IE
.ttf True Type Font Font : System
.txt Plain Text File Document : Pocket Word
.url Internet Shortcut Shortcut : Pocket IE
.wav Windows WAV Audio Audio : Windows Media Player : System
.wma Windows Media Audio Audio : Windows Media Player