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Installing the 3Com 3C589x Beta Driver under HPC2000


Applies To

  • Handheld PC 2000


3Com never formally released driver for the 3C589x series (3C589, 3C589B, 3C589C, 3C589D) of PCMCIA Network cards for use with Handheld PC 2000.



Please note that these are Beta Drivers. HPC:Factor is no longer developing the driver due to lack of user feedback during the testing process. The driver does contain known bugs.
These experimental drivers are provided for the convenience of Handheld PC users however are not supported.

3Com do not offer these drivers as a download from their site and do not offer support for them. Use at your own risk.

HPC Factor has created two Cabinet device side distributions available from the CESD download centre.

A Host side installer is not available

Handheld PC 2000 MIPS, StrongArm

Both MIPS and StrongArm environment patches have been created and is available from the CESD Download centre.

  1. Download 3c589-ce3.<Processor>.CAB from the download link
  2. Upload the 3c589-ce3.<Processor>.CAB file to your Handheld PC through ActiveSync, External storage or by extracting the cab file onto your Handheld PC
  3. Exit all open programs
  4. Double tap the 3c589.<Processor>.cab file to begin the installation process. Follow the instructions on the screen
  5. Once installed power down and Soft Reset your Handheld PC
  6. With the card properly attached to the network insert the 3C589x card into the PCMCIA slot of your device
  7. If you are prompted to specify a driver name type 3c589.dll and tap OK
  8. After a few seconds the 3Com tray icon should appear and an active Network connection will be established

Known Bugs

  1. If you suspend the Handheld PC while the 3C589x NIC is inserted and the driver is loaded, upon recovering from low power state the Handheld PC will stall. To avoid this eject the Card before suspending to unload the driver or Soft Reset.
  2. We have had a report that moving between DHCP servers running on Different IP Ranges and / or Subnets causes a failure in the drivers ability to obtain configuration data from the second accessed DHCP server. HPC:Factor has not confirmed this to be a problem first hand as development has now ceased.

Uninstalling the update

To uninstall the 3C589x Driver:

    1. Remove the 3C586x Network Interface Card from you Handheld PC
    2. Tap Start
    3. Settings
    4. Control Panel
    5. Open the Remove Programs Applet
    6. Select '3COM 3C589 Ethernet Drivers'
    7. Tap Remove. The Update will now be uninstalled
    8. Soft reset your Handheld PC


3Com - http://www.3com.com/


With thanks to David Feldman, Marcus Grant, Jackie M. Blount, John Currie and Dmitry for working with us on this support article.