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Checking the Windows Media Player for Handheld PC Version and Build number


Applies To

  • Handheld PC Professional, SP1
  • Handheld PC 2000


This article covers the steps taken to check the Windows Media Player for Handheld PC's version and build number

How-to Guide

Using either the entry on the Windows CE Start Menu or your devices Quick Launch shortcut (if applicable) start the Windows Media Player.

  1. From the players menu bar select the About Icon (shown below)
    About icon

  2. The About Box will be displayed
    About box

The version number and Build number will be displayed in the about box. You can use this information ascertain whether your device has the latest version of the player installed.

The current web distribution release is:
Windows Media Player 1.2.0099

The Highest know release (from OEM ROM) is:
Windows Media Player 1.2.0099