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"Cannot start communications services" error after upgrading to Windows XP


Applies To

  • Windows CE 1.0, 1.01


After upgrading your Host PC Operating System to Windows 2000 or XP from Windows 95, 98 or Millennium you receive the following error when you attempt to synchronise your Windows CE 1.0 based Handheld PC

Cannot start communications services.
A critical resource file cannot be found (pegdcc.dll). To correct this problem you must reinstall H/PC Explorer.

At which point H/PC Explorer will exit and your device synchronisation will not complete.


The use of Windows CE 1.0x devices with Windows XP or Windows 2000 is not advisable. Users will be required to follow the HPC:Factor connection guides available in the support section to ultimately establish a successful connection between host and device.

The issue with pegdcc.dll exists because of the installation method for H/PC Explorer 1.0 or 1.1. The application was installed using the Windows 9x install method, rather than the Windows NT install method. This results in H/PC Explorer being unable to connect to the Windows XP or 2000 serial network driver.
There are several possible work arounds.

Upgrade to H/PC Explorer 1.1

If you are still using H/PC Explorer 1.0 please upgrade to H/PC Explorer 1.1 following the installation instructions outlined in the Windows 2000 / XP installation guides.

Reregister the DLL

  1. In Windows 2000 / XP disconnect your device and completely exit H/PC Explorer
  2. Click Start
  3. Select Run (If you do not see the Run command in Windows XP please consult XP help)
  4. Type cmd and click Ok
  5. Type cd c:\program files\Handheld PC Explorer and press enter
  6. Type regsvr32 pegdcc.dll
  7. Click Ok to the message prompt
  8. Reboot your computer

Remove H/PC Explorer completely

  1. Create a backup of your computer and personal data
  2. Disconnect your Handheld PC and exit H/PC Explorer
  3. Click Start
  4. Select Run (If you do not see the Run command in Windows XP please consult XP help)
  5. Type CD c:\program files\Handheld PC Explorer and press enter
  6. Type each of the following lines, pressing enter after each one:
    regsvr32 2bp.dll /u
    regsvr32 fnt.dll /u
    regsvr32 hhriched.dll /u
    regsvr32 minshell.dll /u
    regsvr32 mrra.dll /u
    regsvr32 outstore.dll /u
    regsvr32 pegconv.dll /u
    regsvr32 pegdcc.dll /u
    regsvr32 prm.dll /u
    regsvr32 pwdcnv.dll /u
    regsvr32 pwdww6.dll /u
    regsvr32 pxlcnv.dll /u
    regsvr32 replui.dll /u
    regsvr32 scdstore.dll /u
    regsvr32 sserver.dll /u
    regsvr32 stm.dll /u
  7. From Add or Remove Programs in the Windows control panel remove H/PC Explorer from your computer
  8. Reboot your computer
  9. Using Windows Explorer navigate to c:\program files\
  10. Manually delete the folder named Handheld PC Explorer
  11. Reinstall H/PC Explorer as per the Windows 2000 / XP H/PC Explorer installation guides