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Installing the hp 320LX and Ericsson MC12 Windows CE 2.0 ROM Upgrade


Applies To

  • Windows CE 1.0
  • Windows CE 2.0, SP1


This article describes the process of upgrading the hp 320LX or the Ericsson MC12 Windows CE 1.0 based Handheld PC to Microsoft Windows CE 2.0.
The article describes the physical change over of the system ROM chip. All users are advises to take antistatic precautions before continuing.

How-to Guide

Both Ericsson and hp issues physical chip replacement ROM upgrades for their respective devices. As the Ericsson MC12 is a modified hp 320LX the installation procedure is identical for both devices.

The recommended first step is to backup the Windows CE 1.0 device fully so that in the event of the upgrade not being successful you can return to Windows CE 1.0 resume working with your device almost immediately.

  1. Connect your Handheld PC to the Host system using Handheld PC Explorer 1.1
  2. Synchronise your data using the H/PC Explorer client
  3. Download any personal documents or files from the device or alternatively transfer them onto a external storage medium such as a CF card
  4. In H/PC Explorer on the host select Tools and then Backup/Restore
  5. In the backup window select to execute a full system backup and specify where to save the image file to
  6. Click Backup Now to begin

Once complete make a note of the following information from Windows CE 1.0:

  • The Settings for any Remote Networking Dial-up profiles
  • The Owner details in Control Panel 'Owner'. It is important to note down the specific Owner Name as under some circumstances this can be linked to the registration of third party software which you may wish to migrate over to Windows CE 2.0
  • The device name in Control Panel, Communications
  • World Clock alarm settings
  • Personal settings for other third party applications

Installing the ROM Chip

Once you are sure you have saved and backed up all necessary data from the device it is now time to swap out the ROM chip.

  1. On the Handheld PC close any open programs and suspend the device
  2. Disconnect the device from the cradle, sync cable and AC mains adapter
  3. Remove any hardware from the CF and PCMCIA slots
  4. Rotate the device onto its top and remove the backup battery followed by both of the dry cell AA batteries
  5. Wait for 30 seconds to allow the RAM to discharge
  6. Remove the RAM door cover located along the at the front edge of the device on the base
  7. Using the stylus insert the nib into the provided hole in the existing ROM chip and pull the chip away from the chassis. Please the chip in the container for the Windows CE 2.0 ROM chip
  8. Using the same orientation and observing antistatic precautions slide the Windows CE 2.0 ROM chip into the recess, ensuring that the chip is pushed securely into the cavity to match the physical placement of the Windows CE 1.0 chip. Use the stylus if necessary. The ROM chip will only lock into position one way, but be careful to insert the chip squarely so not to bend the connection pins.
  9. Once installed replace the ROM compartment door
  10. Insert the Coin Cell and after a few second the Main dry cell batteries. While this is at odds with the documentation card supplied with the chip, experiments conducted by HPC:Factor demonstrate this the be the most immediate solution and can prevent startup failures
  11. Rotate the H/PC back over and turn on the device

If the device fails to begin the bootup sequence ensure once again that the ROM chip is inserted correctly. Secondly allow for a longer charge time by the coin cell before inserting the AA dry cell batteries.

Configuring the Host PC

If you are using Microsoft Schedule+ to synchronise your PIM (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks) with your Handheld PC we recommend that you upgrade to Microsoft Outlook 98 or higher. For more information on obtaining Outlook 98 see CESDS0023. If you wish to continue using Schedule+ please ensure that your version matches the one which ships with the Windows CE Services CD in the ROM Upgrade pack, and that you have installed the Year 2000 updates.

  1. Using Add / Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel, uninstall Handheld PC Explorer 1.x
  2. If you made any manual adjustments to the configuration of the Host PC's COM ports please use the Windows Device Manager for your operating system to uninstall the ports now. They will be automatically reinstalled using default settings after rebooting
  3. Reboot your computer
  4. Do not use the Windows CE Services CD which came with your device. You should download and install the highest supported version of ActiveSync for your Operating System and PIM client.
    See CESDS0021 for more information on compatibility and the ActiveSync section of this site for downloads.
  5. Once ActiveSync has been installed, enter the Device name which you noted down from the Windows CE 1.0 Communications Control Panel applet in into the Windows CE 2.0 Communications applet
  6. Connect your Handheld PC to the cradle / serial cable. Do not at this stage modify the Port Speed settings as this can cause complications
  7. Create a ActiveSync partnership
  8. HPC:Factor recommends that users Synchronies and or manually restore their data to their device at this point and not to restore from the Windows CE 1.0 backup as outlined in the ROM chip documentation. Doing so can cause complications on the device at a later time
  9. Reinstall your applications and introduce your previous settings. You may now adjust the Port speed settings


The ROM upgrade process is now complete. HPC:Factor recommends that all Windows CE 2.0 users install Service Pack 1, and if they wish to use Networking the HPC:Factor Network Service Pack.