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"File in Use, MFCCE20.DLL is in use or is in ROM" error message when installing Belkin F5D6060


Applies To

  • Windows CE 2.0, SP1


When installing the Belkin F5D6060 CompactFlash Network adapter under Windows CE 2.0 you receive the following error

The file "\Windows\MFCCE20.DLL" is in use or is in ROM. If the file is not in ROM, please close the application using the file.

Try again?

Selecting 'Yes' to try again returns you to the error, while clicking no or cancel will prevent you from installing the Belkin Drivers completely. This article discusses a workaround to the error.


More Info

Windows CE 2.0 ROM chips are generally small compared to those shipping with successive Windows CE version on them. As such many Handheld PC devices failed to include the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library file required by many MFC compiled applications.

Belkin included the MFC runtime file for both the SH3 and MIPS Windows CE 2.0 builds of their driver, however in programming the installer overlooked the fact that there are a number of device (all Hewlett Packard device) which already have the MFC library in ROM.
Belkin engineers created an error within the installation scrip which made the copy of the MFCCE20.DLL file mandatory in the file copy process. As a result, any installation performed on a device which has the MFC library in ROM will fail.

In both 2002 and 2003 HPC:Factor contacted Belkin addressing the issues with the installer and provided them will full details of a work around. Belkin have, at every opportunity failed to acknowledge the problem or rectify it.
In line with what we deem to be a more then fair period in which we would have openly assisted Belkin with correcting the error. HPC:Factor has taken measures to rectify the problem ourselves.

Users can now download a fully reconstructed installer file for SH3 and MIPS based Windows CE 2.00 Handheld PCs from the CESD download centre above.
The file was engineered to be a duplicate of the Belkin one, without the scripting errors written in by Belkin. The file is there for unsupported by Belkin.