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Disabling the hp Jornada 700 series ChaiVM


Applies To

  • hp Jornada 710, 720, 728
  • HPC2000


The hp Jornada 700 series comes equipped with ChaiVM, a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) integrated into the device's ROM. By default the JVM is enabled and loading with Internet Explorer. When the browser encounters a web page which calls for a Java run-time environment, and will automatically begin to cache data into main RAM.

The caching process can cause large amounts of Storage Memory to be consumed by temporary files which are not automatically dismounted upon exit. As a result it may be desirable to disable the JVM if not required, or the user wishes to switch to a different JVM run-time environment.

How-to Guide

There are two ways that a user can disable the JVM.

Automatic GUI deletion

  1. Tap Start
  2. Choose Programs and then HP Applications
  3. Run HP ChaiVM
  4. In the top right of the ChaiVM window tap Options
  5. Remove the check box next to Enable HP ChaiVM plug-in in Internet Explorer
  6. Tap Clear Cache to free up any temporary files from your devices RAM
  7. Tap OK and exit ChaiVM

Manual deletion

WARNING: If you use a Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to hard reset your Handheld PC back to its factory installed configuration. Edit your Windows CE registry at your own risk.
  1. Load the Windows Registry Editor
  2. Delete the following registry keys:
  3. Close your registry editor and soft reset your Jornada

The HP ChaiVM is now disabled, however if you wish to permanently disable the ChaiVM from the system:

  1. Delete the following keys:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Hewlett-Packard\ChaiVM Classes
  2. Finally delete the start menu shortcuts to the ChaiVM settings and run-time application