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Pocket Streets for the Handheld PC Compatibility Chart


Applies To

  • AutoMap Streets 1.0
  • Pocket Streets 2.0
  • Pocket Streets 2.5
  • Pocket Streets 3.0
  • Pocket Streets 2001
  • Pocket Streets 2002


This CESD outlines the compatibility issues between various versions of Pocket Streets for Handheld PC (H/PC) and maps created using one of the three desktop versions of Microsoft’s mapping software; Streets and Trips, AutoRoute and Office MapPoint.

More Info

The information on this chart is presumed to be accurate and is based on either personal experience or internet research. Although every attempt has been made to insure that this information is indeed correct, should someone within the internet community discover a discrepancy, please notify us so that we can make the proper adjustments.

Pocket Streets for Handheld PC Compatibility Chart


Maps Created on Desktop Version

H/PC Version

Automap Streets 1997

Expedia Streets 98

Expedia Streets 99

Expedia Streets / Autoroute 2000

Streets & Trips / Autoroute 2001

Streets & Trips / Autoroute / Mappoint 2002

Streets & Trips / Autoroute 2003

Streets & Trips / Autoroute 2004

Automap Streets 1.0






Pocket Streets 2.0




Pocket Streets 2.5




Pocket Streets 3.0




Pocket Streets 2001



Using PSConvert

Using PSConvert

Using PSConvert

Pocket Streets 2002





You can use PSConvert by Revolutionary Software to convert maps exported from Microsoft’s Streets & Trips/AutoRoute 2002, 2003 & 2004 into a Pocket Streets 2001 format.

View: Revolutionary Software

Note: PSConvert will not convert maps created using Microsoft’s Streets & Trips/AutoRoute 2005 or 2006 into a Pocket Streets 2001 format.


With thanks to John Ottini for working with us on this article.