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Differences between NEC MobilePro 900 & 900C ROM Images


Applies To

  • CE 3.0, CE.NET 4.2
  • NEC MobilePro 900, NEC MobilePro 900C


This article discusses the purpose the differences between the primar ROM releases for the NEC MobilePro 900 series

More Information

The following table outlines the application differences between the final release of the MobilePro 900 HPC2000 ROM, the final release of the official CE 4.2 .net ROM and the community ROM image Cmonex v2.0.

  MobilePro 900 MobilePro 900C
  Windows CE 3.0 (HPC2000) Windows CE 4.2 .net
Creator NEC NEC CmoneX
Browser Internet Explorer CE 4.01 Internet Explorer CE 6.0 Internet Explorer CE 6.0
  MSXML 2.0 MSXML 3.0 SP1 MSXML 3.0 SP1
    Windows Media ActiveX Control Windows Media ActiveX Control
Office Productivity Pocket Word (spell checker) Wordpad
Microsoft Word Viewer
Pocket Word (spell checker & word count)
Microsoft Word Viewer
  Pocket Excel Excel Viewer
NECSAM Spreadsheet
Pocket Excel
Microsoft Excel Viewer
  Pocket PowerPoint (viewer) PowerPoint Viewer Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
  Pocket Access    
  Pocket Outlook: Inbox Inbox Inbox
  Pocket Outlook: Calendar bSquare Calendar bSquare Calendar
  Pocket Outlook: Contacts bSquare Contacts bSquare Contacts
  Pocket Outlook: Tasks bSquare Tasks bSquare Tasks
  Calculator (Paper-tape display) Calculator (no Paper-tape display) Calculator (Paper-tape display)
  World Clock World Clock (CE 4.2 version) World Clock (HPC2000 version)
  Inkwriter   Inkwriter
PDF Ansyr Primer 3.1 Viewer Microsoft PDF Viewer Microsoft PDF Viewer
Multimedia Windows Media Player for H/PC 1.2 Windows Media Player 9.0 Windows Media Player 9.0
    Microsoft Image Viewer Microsoft Image Viewer
  Sound Recorder    
Fax bSquare Fax bSquare Fax bSquare Fax
Backup bSquare Backup bSquare Backup bSquare Backup
Remove Desktop Terminal Server Client (RDP 4.0) Remote Desktop Client 5.1 Remote Desktop Client 5.1
Games Solitaire Solitaire Solitaire
Utilities     DeClock
      GS Battery Monitor
  Microsoft Query Client Microsoft Query Client Microsoft Query Client
      Soft Reset (via Software)
      Executability Check
      Cursor keys remapper
      GAPI (GX)
      Tascal Guage
      Total Commander

The information outlined above is believed to be correct at the time of writing.


With thanks to Rich Hawley for the information used to create this CESD.