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Network Service Pack (NSP) for Windows CE 2.0


Microsoft's updates support for Windows CE 2.0 based Handheld PCs ended with the release of Service Pack 1. There were however some add-ins and updates released for the Handheld PC which were not included in SP1 or were released after SP1.

The HPC:Factor Network Service Pack for Windows CE 2.00 provides an unofficial roll-up of all known released updates for Handheld PC 2.0 devices. This update is intended to provide Windows CE 2.0 users with a non-technical method of receiving updated for their device.

NB: The HPC:Factor NSP is not official. There for it is not supported by Microsoft and should be used at your own risk.

Fixes & Updates List

Windows CE 2.0 Network Service Pack contains following upgrades and fixes:

  • Network Services for Windows CE
  • Network File Redirector
  • NE2000 Generic Network Driver
  • DLL & Library Updates

The NSP primarily increases the communications support for Handheld PC 2.0 devices by adding the TCP/IP Networking modules. This includes Network Card drivers, Network support and configuration files and utilities. The network redirector which allows you to browse remote network resources and finally DLL and Library updates for Windows CE 2.00.
Some later Handheld PC devices were shipped with the DLL library updates in ROM. If your
device already has these files installed, or are present in the devices ROM. Then the DLL updates will not be copied.

System Requirements

Memory Requirements:
Network Service Pack : SH3 - 234 KB | MIPS - 337 KB
DLL & Library Updates : SH3 - 356 KB | MIPS - 506 KB

You should install Windows CE 2.0 Service Pack 1 before installing the NSP.

Download and installation

The Network Service Pack is only available to download from HPC:Factor. There are 3 files available to download from the CESD Download centre.

A host installer is provided for uses who wish to automate the process using Microsoft ActiveSync to install the software.
Stand-alone Cabinet installation files are also available for both SH3 and MIPS processors for users who wish to manually install the updates without involving a host system.

For instructions on installing software please see the Installation guides available in the support section.

Download: Windows CE 2.0 NSP is available from the HPC:Factor Updates section of H/PC:Update

Uninstalling the NSP

You can uninstall the Network Service Pack from your Handheld PC if needed. However we do not recommend that you remove the updates as they provide additional security and functionality for your Handheld PC.

To uninstall the NSP from your Host PC:

  1. Open Microsoft ActiveSync
  2. Connect your device
  3. Select the Tools menu and choose Add/Remove Programs
  4. Highlight 'HPC Factor Handheld PC 2.0 Network SP' and click the remove button
  5. Delete the 'CE20 NSP' folder in C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync