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ActiveSync Sync Profile Generator


Applies To

  • Windows CE 2.0
  • Windows CE 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, Handheld PC Pro 3.0
  • Windows CE 3.0, HPC2000
  • Windows CE .net 4.1, 4.2


The ActiveSync Sync Profile Generator allows you to create a working partnership between an ActiveSync enabled Windows CE device and the Microsoft ActiveSync client without needing to connect the device using Serial, Infrared or USB first. This allows you to synchronise your Handheld PC using wired Ethernet or a Wireless network connection without needing to purchase an often expensive sync cable or IrDA adapter.

The profile generator supports Windows CE 2.0 or above devices with connections to Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, Millennium, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003. The tool will work with ActiveSync 4.x, however this release of ActiveSync does not support LAN connectivity.

More Info

The ActiveSync Sync Profile Generator is only available to subscribers to the site.

Installation Instructions

Host PC Installation

  1. Install ActiveSync 3.8 on the Host PC.
    Note: the profile generator is currently untested with WCES, other ActiveSync versions or WMDC, please report back if you have success with other versions
  2. It is strongly recommended that you configure your Host PC wither either a static IP address (via Windows) or a sticky IP address via your routers DHCP server. If the IP address of the Host PC changes, the sync will break.
  3. If your host machine has a firewall, ensure that ActiveSync has permission to be accessed through the firewall.
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\wcsecomm.exe and C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\WCESMgr.exe
    TCP Ports: 999, 1037, 5678, 5679
    [Recommended] It is also suggested that you enable Ping on your host firewall if one is present aka "ICMP Echo Request" or "File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In)" on the Windows XP SP2+ Firewall.
  4. Double click on the 'host_sync_cfg.reg' file from the 'Host PC Registry Config' download to install it onto the host PC.
  5. Double click on the 'host_file_cfg.bat' file from the 'Host PC File Config' download to configure your user profile.
  6. Reboot your ActiveSync host PC/Virtual Machine.

Windows CE Installation

  1. If you are using Handheld PC 2.0, ensure that SP1 and the HPC:Factor NSP are installed on your device.
  2. Copy the 'wince_sync_cfg.txt' file from the 'Windows CE Device Config' download to your Handheld PC via CF card or other transfer mechanism.
  3. Open Tascal RedEgit (TRE)
  4. Choose the File > Import Registry... option.
  5. From the type drop down in the bottom right, choose "Text Files (*.txt)".
  6. Search for the 'wince_sync_cfg.txt' file you transferred to your device and import it into the registry.
    Note: Please ensure that you do not accidentally import the 'host_sync_cfg.reg' file for the Host PC
  7. Soft-reset / reboot your Windows CE Device.
  8. Configure your Wired/Wireless networking as per the manufacturers instructions
  9. [Recommended] Use vxUtil to ensure that your Windows CE Device can successfully ping the IP Address of your host PC. If it cannot, you need to troubleshoot network connectivity before continuing.

Performing the Sync

  1. On the Windows CE Device tap Start > Programs > Communication > ActiveSync.
  2. From the upper drop-list choose "Network Connection".
  3. From the lower drop-list, ensure that the value you entered for the Hostname of your Sync PC above is selected in the list.
  4. Click to connect.

Test Data

  • Windows 95 OEM SR2.5 + ActiveSync 3.8 - OK
  • Windows 98 + ActiveSync 3.8 - OK
  • Windows 98 SE + ActiveSync 3.8 - OK
  • Windows Millennium + ActiveSync 3.8 - OK
  • Windows NT 4.0 SP6a + ActiveSync 3.8 - OK
  • Windows 2000 Pro SP4 + ActiveSync 3.8 - OK
  • Windows XP Pro SP3 + ActiveSync 3.8 - OK
  • Windows XP Pro x64 SP2 + ActiveSync 3.8 - PARTIAL (connects and can sync, however the 'Explore' option uses a 32-bit DLL and cannot work with the x64 shell)
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2 (x86) + ActiveSync 3.8 - OK
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2 (x64) + ActiveSync 3.8 - PARTIAL (connects and can sync, however the 'Explore' option uses a 32-bit DLL and cannot work with the x64 shell)
  • ActiveSync 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.5 - FAIL (creates the profile, however as AS4.x has no Network connectivity support, it is of limited use)


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