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Adobe Acrobat Reader for the Handheld PC Keyboard Shortcuts


Applies To:

  • HPC2000


This article discusses the keyboard shortcuts available to users of HPC:Factor's Adobe Acrobat 2.0 for the Handheld PC.

More Info:

The following is an undocumented list of keyboard shortcuts for the HPC:Factor Adobe Acrobat redistributable.

Shortcut Action
CTRL + I Toggles between view modes
CTRL + E Brings up help
CTRL + K Pages up
CTRL + L Pages down
CTRL + A Pages to the document end
CTRL + SHIFT + A Pages to the document beginning
CTRL + D Pages to the beginning of the document
CTRL + SHIFT + D Pages to the end of the document
CTRL + M Pages down a screen height's worth
CTRL + SHIFT + M Pages up a screen height's worth
CTRL + B Brings up the hide menu