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Patches & Updates

Welcome to the HPC:Factor Patching & Updates section. In this section we keep an eye on security matters for both the Handheld PC and the Host PC's that you use for your daily IT lives.


On the Handheld PC

Windows CE based Handheld PC's generally do not enlist the use of common update sets, instead each OEM is responsible for the release and redistribution of device specific updates.

If you are looking for OEM and device specific drivers, updates and formally released software, visit HPC:Factor's H/PC:Update for a comprehensive list of all know updates for every Handheld PC class device ever made!

View: H/PC:Update

The few common patch updates for each device generation are listed blow.

Windows CE 1.0

Windows CE 2.0

Windows CE Services

H/PC Professional


  • No Official Updates


On the Host PC

In the somewhat established world of Windows XP. Its easy to forget that there are many users out there still relying on good old legacy systems to provide them with the services needed to run their daily IT lives.

It is also a sad sign of the times that a man (or woman's) computer is no longer necessarily their own isolated & private beige (or black) box.

With the increasing concern drummed up by media interest in such large scale threats to the Internet as Niminda, Code Red (1 & 2), the 2002 DNS Root server attacks, and increasing presence of malevolent code that's out there on the Internet Users need to be cautious and responsive in how they use their daily dose of IT, but not paranoid about it.
Simple steps can be taken to ensure that your island of Internet tranquility isn't disturbed. Keeping a Firewall, Virus Scanner and Malware Scanner on your system, and most importantly keeping them updated are the most obvious and well covered ways to stay safe.

Along with good common sense, Patching your system is the other step that should be taken by users in order to secure themselves.

HPC Factor realises that there are many people out there who use their Handheld PC devices with older, legacy Operating System and Office Software. The guides that follow provide a comprehensive overview of patching various Microsoft Operating systems to provide a good, secure platform for you to both use your computer, and protect the data that you sync daily with your PDA.

The following information is primarily for users of Windows 95, 98, Millennium, NT 4.0 and Microsoft Office. Microsoft Windows Update is not reliable at all for providing protection for users of NT4 and Windows 95. Users of Windows 98, 98SE and Millennium, 2000 and XP are provided with far more worth while information. Although not perfect.
We may expand the scope of the articles in the future to cover best practices for other Operating Systems.

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    Windows Vista
    Windows XP
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Microsoft Outlook 98 Microsoft Windows 98 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server / Enterprise Server
  Microsoft Windows 95 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
  Microsoft Windows 3.1x & Windows for Workgroups Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Workstation

Update Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Explorer: Are you up to date? Link Internet Explorer for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 Link Internet Explorer for Windows 3.x Pokcet Internet Explorer 1.1 for Windows CE 1.0


The information & research on best practices has been gathered from Microsoft and also from 'The Archive', a personal project of HPC:Factor Editor Chris Tilley which contains extensive lists of Microsoft updates, add-ons and fixes.

HPC Factor is keen to stress that the information and recommendations that we make here are not necessarily the opinions of the Microsoft Corporation. It is aimed at end users and system administrators.
If you are in a company, please ensure to consult with your IT department before running any updates on your system.