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Welcome to the Handheld PC Users Toolkit

The Handheld PC users toolkit provides HPC:Factor users with access to some small web utilities which may come in useful for both their on-line experiences and their Handheld PC Experiences. The toolkit is designed to run through the web browser, and on any device with no need to install software or controls onto your PC.

If you have any ideas for new web utilities which we could include in the toolkit, please get in touch.

Network Tools

Web-based tools desigend to assist Windows CE users in network user and configuration

Bit Calculator

Convert between bits, Kilobits, MegaBytes and more as well as display Hexadecimal and Octal values for an integer

Hextools (IP2Hex)

Convert your IP address into a Hex string

Hextools (LMHost Generator)

LMHost entries allow devices without access to DNS or WINS server to locate network "machine" names for faster LAN browsing & Synchronisation.


Convert ASCII plain text into ANSI code strings


Convert ANSI code back into ASCII encoded plain text

Integer to Binary

Tool to convert an integer value of up to 32-bit to its Binary (Base-2) equivalent

MD5 Hash Generator

Convert a string into its 128-bit MD5 hash code

SHA1 Hash Generator

Convert a string into a SHA1 hash code

SHA256 Hash Generator

Convert a string into a SHA256 hash code

SHA384 Hash Generator

Convert a string into a SHA384 hash code

SHA512 Hash Generator

Convert a string into a SHA512 hash code

World Wide Web (WWW) Tools

  • URL / HTML Encoder
    If you are trying to make use of a server encoded URL string, make a URL with " " in it safe or would like to generate a W3C Encoded this utility will allow you to Encode web URL's or HTML text as web-safe strings
  • User Agent Checker
    The User Agent checker is useful if you have modified your Windows CE browsers identification string to read as Internet Explorer 6.0. With this tool you can check if the modification worked successfully as well as see what your browser is sending about itself to web pages

HPC:Factor Tools

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