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URL / HTML Encoder

The object of this converter is to generate fully encoded URL's.

There are two modes to the converter, the first performs a HTML character encoding, giving a "safe" URL for pasting into forums, old web browsers and so on. The second URL conversion is used to programmatically generate a URL using the system character set - rather than ASCII. This is useful for creating URL's fit for publishing in any language.

What is a Space Escaped URL?

When you are dealing with file downloads, sometimes it isn't always convenient to conform to 8.3 and/or "web friendly" naming conventions - such as song titles. If there is a space in the song title e.g. "http://www.website.com/Ayumi Hamasaki - (miss)Understood.mp3", the file author can return the URL, however many old browsers and standards enforcing browsers will stop reading the URL at "http://www.website.com/Ayumi".

The solution is either to replace all spaces with - / _ or to escape the URL into browser readable code. With the example, the URL would become: http://www.website.com/Ayumi%20Hamasaki%20-%20(miss)Understood.mp3

How to use the Encoder

There are three specific uses for this Encoder

  1. You want to Space Escape a URL
    Simply enter or paste the desired URL into the text box and copy back the information from the output
  2. You want to Encode a URL into a GET compatible string
    Enter any http://, ftp://, telnet://, gopher:// etc URL into the text box and copy back the output
  3. You want to paste HTML code into a web-page / web form and not have the browser render it (e.g. creating code help guides)
    Insert any HTML code into the text box. Two outputs are given, the Encoded "safe" HTML which will not be rendered by the browser and the browser output interpretation (as if you pasted the Encoded code into your own webpage and were reviewing it)

Input Text:


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