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Toolkit: LMHosts Registry File Generator

LMHosts or Local Machine Host's are a depreciated NetBIOS over TCP/IP facility used in the discovery of NetBIOS (often called machine names) identities on a Local or Wide Area Network. LMHost is traditionally a file stored on a Windows PC which serves as a look-up table between known NetBIOS names and their assigned IP address(es).

On Windows CE, the LMHost facility of the CE equivalent of the Windows Browser service exists within the Windows CE registry database and, unlike its host counterpart, is generated in hexadecimal rather than in easy to read decimal.

The HPC:Factor Toolkit LMHost Registry File Generator will automatically generate a .reg file which can be imported into a Windows CE device's registry, populating an entry for the LMHost look-up table. You can use the LMHost generator as many time as is required, however each registry file must be imported into Windows CE separately.

Please Note: This script will operate on any Windows CE device running Handheld PC Professional or higher (Windows CE 2.11). Unfortunately due to browser limitations, for older devices the script must be run on a PC.


Please enter the required Host Name information

Both the Host Name and IP address for a Local Area Network system can be found by:

  1. Click Start, select Run
  2. For Windows 95, 98, 98SE and Millennium type command, for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003 type cmd
  3. Click OK
  4. Type ipconfig /all
  5. The Host Name is listed as Host Name. The IP Address is listed as IP Address
  6. Enter the information into the boxes below and click Preview LMHost
  7. Once satisfied click Download LMHost


Machine Host Name:

Target IP Address:

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Disclaimer: By using this service you are agreeing to submitting your machine host name and IP address to HPC:Factor. HPC:Factor will store this information in an unprocessed, unmonitored temporary cache for 10 minutes until your browser resets or terminates your connection to us, at which point the file will be automatically deleted.

If you would like to see something else in this utility, please get-in-touch.

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