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Microsoft Windows CE 1.00 - Pegasus

Released in 1996, Windows code name Pegasus heralded a new era for Microsoft development strategy and set a ball in motion for one of the fiercest technology battles to begin. Microsoft vs Palm.


Windows CE 1 based Handheld PC devices were only available with monochrome displays. The original Microsoft specification allowed for 480x240 display resolutions. Hewlett Packard's clamshell releases overruled this guide line and shipped with 640x240 pixel displays.
The Hewlett Packard resolution - named HVGA - was quickly adopted by all manufacturers as the de facto clamshell standard for all successive devices.

Windows CE 1.0 Desktop
Windows CE 1.00 desktop, the hub of the Handheld PC user interface which has changed little in subsequent generations


My Handheld PC
'My Handheld PC' or Windows CE Explorer


About Box
The inevitable about box


Start Menu
The start menu. CE 1 did not have a cascading start menu like Windows 95. This was a key feature introduced with CE 2.0


Control Panel
Control Panel, sporting icon that will still be familiar if not identical to modern generation Handheld PC users


Pocket Word
Pocket Word: At this stage a very simple application boasting only slightly more features than Windows notepad


Pocket Excel
Pocket Excel in it's original incarnation. Still basic compared to later versions


The original Inbox client. Inbox was limited to POP3 / SMTP or Handheld PC Explorer communication


Contacts organiser. Often pre-populated by the OEM with contact and support information


Tasks list




Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1
Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1. Pocket Internet Explorer 1 was only Mozilla 1 compatible


Help has remained the same in later versions, being one of the few default programs to be a true 'window'


Remote Networking
Remote Networking with Direct Cable Connection and Remote Access Service connections


PC Link
PC Link connecting to the CE 1 sync client 'Handheld PC Explorer'


World Clock
World Clock