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Microsoft Windows CE 4.20 - McKendric

Released in April 2003, Windows code name McKendric became the most widely adopted edition of the Windows CE .net series. It was the only edition to be converted into a Windows Mobile Platform with the release of Windows Mobile 2003 some two months later.

The CE 4.2 release is a core OS release, and as such lacks the integrated Pocket Office applications akin to its Handheld PC Platform predecessors All of the viewer applications made a welcome return in CE 4.2, with some very minor modifications.


By the release of Windows CE 4.2 only one manufacturer was actively developing a Clamshell 640x240 program. OEM's were at liberty to release hardware specifications of their own choosing, which provided some freedom for devices released under the 4.2 lineage, however the release was destined to be nothing more than a niche market product.

Windows CE 3.0 Desktop
Windows CE 4.2 Desktop


My Handheld PC
'My Computer' or Windows CE Explorer


About Box
The About Box in the System Applet


Start Menu
The Start Menu


Control Panel
Control Panel


Pocket Word
Wordpad. Cosmetically similar to Pocket Word, but not identical


Pocket Excel
Microsoft Excel Viewer 2.1 (Licensed from WestTek LLC)


Pocket Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2.1 (Licensed from WestTek LLC) - with external VGA support


Pocket Excel
Microsoft Word Viewer 2.1 (Licensed from WestTek LLC)


Microsoft's PDF Viewer 2.1 (Licensed from WestTek LLC)


The Windows CE Image and Thumbnail Viewer


Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1

Internet Explorer CE 6.0, About and HPC:Factor's home page


Windows Media Player 8 for Windows CE


Remote Networking
Help - Still a windowed application, despite NEC' Comic Sans experiment


PC Link

Network Connections


World Clock
Date & Time


World Clock


World Clock
The Remote Desktop 5 client - heavily modified from the default to fit on HVGA


World Clock
The all important Solitaire game


World Clock
Visual MSMQ Client


World Clock
Pocket Command 4.20


World Clock
Instead of OOBE, under Windows CE .net first-run users are simply asked to calibrate the touch screen