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Microsoft Windows CE 5.00 - Macallan

Released in July 2004, Windows CE 5 code name Macallan continues the Windows CE lineage with a substantially more powerful OS core at the heart of the release. Catering for the newer and broader generations of increasingly powerful mobile devices.
Windows CE 5.0 forms the backbone of the Windows Mobile 5.0 consumer release, replacing Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003SE on the consumer run of the Pocket PC.

The Windows CE 5.0 era promises to be a much more exciting one for innovation and looks certain to spell the end of the homogeneous Pocket PC as OEM's and developers are offered far greater freedoms in how they can imagine, deign and build Windows Mobile devices.


The Windows CE 5 Core operating System can be configured with the shell to run at almost any arbetry resolution. The following screen shots are taken from the Windows CE 5.0 (Macallan) Platform Builder running in webpad mode - the closest profile remaining to a H/PC specification.

Windows CE 5.0 Desktop
Windows CE 5.00 beta desktop and shell


Windows CE 3.0 Desktop
Windows CE 5.00 core shell desktop, remarkably similar to the McKendric core shell


My Handheld PC
'My Device' or Windows CE Explorer


About Box
The inevitable about box


Start Menu
The start menu


Control Panel
Control Panel


Pocket Word


Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1
Pocket Internet Explorer for Windows CE 5.0


Help has remained the same, being one of the few default programs to be a true 'window'


Remote Networking
Network and Dial-up Connections with Direct Cable Connection and Remote Access Service connections


PC Link
Connection Status


World Clock


World Clock
Windows Messenger for Windows CE


World Clock
Notice how the CE5 example shell only uses one taskbar 'tile'. The pullout on the right holds the active programs list