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HPC:Factor Badges

Badges are achievement awards that you can earn for engaging in the HPC:Factor community. The more that you engage, the more that you are likely to earn badges and who doesn't want to be able to show off their new shiny badges on their user profile?! The follow badges represent the badges that have currently been discovered by members of H/PC:Factor. Click on the badge to view the membership of each badge.

The list below displays badges that have been earned by members, but by no means does it display all of the badges that are available... some may have yet to be discovered by H/PC mortals.

Not all badges relate to the Community Forums, some may relate to other part of the site such as the HCL and SCL, and some may be even more obscure than that. Others can be awarded by staff for supporting the site and welcoming visitors into our community.

The Badges