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Review:Topton L4
The resurgence of the low-cost Netbook or a compromise too far?

Welcome to HPC:Factor

Welcome to HPC:Factor

HPC:Factor is an online community of users who share a common interest in the legendary, yet legacy Microsoft Handheld PC platform and in its underlying operating system Microsoft Windows CE.

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Was Windows CE really all that embarrassing?
Did you WinCE the first time you heard Windows CE spoken aloud?

Microsoft aficionado, developer and tech enthusiast Raymond Chen did.

Chen, creator of the 'The Old New Thing' website and blog on Microsoft.com and author of the book 'Old New Thing, The: Practical Development Throughout the Evolution of Windows' has been... Continue Reading »
Published 1 week ago in News
C:Amie · 5 comments
Real-time community Peripheral & App Compatibility - now enabled!
When both the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) and the Software Compatibility List (SCL) were originally conceived. It was always the intention that community feedback for HCL peripherals and SCL apps would be used to derive the read-out for whether a particular app/device was compatible with any given version... Continue Reading »
Published 1 month ago in Community
C:Amie · 0 comments
Topton L4 | Revenge of the Netbook?
The recent resurgence of a number of small form factor keyboard-equipped devices has been heartening to see over the last couple of year. The market place has been flush with several different manufacturers who have been jostling for a position in the market based upon a wide range of factors.... Continue Reading »
Published 1 month ago in Reviews
C:Amie · 4 comments
Just in case you weren't feeling old yet...
In the event that you were still feeling youthful and spring-chicken like. Windows CE 1.0 aka Handheld PC 1.0 is now officially 25 years old.

Yes, one quarter of a century ago, The NEC MobilePro 200 as well as the Casio A-10 were officially unveiled as the launch devices for the... Continue Reading »
Published 2 months ago in News
C:Amie · 2 comments
H/PC:Update v2
Back at the dawn of time itself, when the Handheld PC was still a 'thing' you could by. One of the core project ambitions that I had for HPC:Factor was to deliver H/PC:Update.

When H/PC:Update was conceived back in the days of ce320 (the predecessor to HPC:Factor). The plan was for... Continue Reading »
Published 2 months ago in Announcement
C:Amie · 2 comments
Celebrate 1 year of Handheld Computing and win a HP RZ1710
This week marks the first anniversary of the launch of the YouTube Channel Handheld Computing. Over the course of the last year the channel has exceeded the 500 YouTube subscribers mark. The approachable, friendly format is proving a hit with viewers while hitting the button on resonating the nostalgia bone... Continue Reading »
Published 3 months ago in News
C:Amie · 3 comments