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Review:HP 360LX
A taste of a past future?

Welcome to HPC:Factor

Welcome to HPC:Factor

HPC:Factor is an online community of users who share a common interest in the legendary, yet legacy Microsoft Handheld PC platform and in its underlying operating system Microsoft Windows CE.

Handheld PC News

Development Tip: Windows Template Library 9.1 from 2015 supports Windows CE
For those few who dare to venture into the world of programming for the Handheld PC, HPC:Factor has always maintained its list of patches and updates for using the Windows CE Development Tools. One of the long-standing pieces of advice here is that the highest version of the Windows... Continue Reading »
Published 5 days ago in News
C:Amie · 0 comments
New version of SpreadCE released
The award winning and feature packed Excel alternative, SpreadCE has been updated for the first time for 2024.

The Shareware release, version 3.18, provides a comprehensive, multi-platform replacement for Microsoft Excel/Pocket Excel on a broad range of Windows CE devices, including the H/PC and Pocket PC as well as on Android.... Continue Reading »
Published 1 week ago in News
C:Amie · 1 comment
HP 360LX: a taste of a past future?
It has been a while since we had a flashback review here on the site. If you are new to the site, a flashback review is a review of an old piece of Handheld PC memorabilia that is specifically reviewed through the lens of the modern user - in other... Continue Reading »
Published 3 weeks ago in Reviews
C:Amie · 1 comment
Ever wondered why Windows FAT32 volumes are limited to 32GB?
If you have been on HPC:Factor for long enough, you will be well aware that for Windows CE 2.11 and higher devices there is a limit of 32GB for FAT32 volumes on CF cards. This limit does not apply to older CE 1.0 and CE 2.0 devices, which can only... Continue Reading »
Published 3 weeks ago in News
C:Amie · 1 comment
Celebrating 21 years as HPC:Factor
It was the small hours of the morning some 20 years ago today that the sites formerly known as ce320 and SimplyHPC returned to the web as HPC:Factor.

The two sites that merged to become HPC:Factor had been through a crisis, and both sites had been offline for a couple of... Continue Reading »
Published 1 month ago in Community
C:Amie · 5 comments
Scott Seligman Apps now Open Source
HPC:Factor has worked with Scott Seligman, developer of many programs for Windows CE to release the source code several of his titles on GitHub.

The list of new open source releases now includes:
The binaries... Continue Reading »
Published 1 month ago in News
C:Amie · 0 comments