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26 January 2021

Welcome to HPC:Factor

Welcome to HPC:Factor

HPC:Factor is an online community of users who share a common interest in the legendary, yet legacy Microsoft Handheld PC platform and in its underlying operating system Microsoft Windows CE.

Handheld PC News

Windows CE Pegasus: 24 years and counting
It is that time of year again here at HPC:Factor. The inexorable creep of time means that today, Windows CE Pegasus - better known as Windows CE 1.0 - has reached the milestone of its 24th birthday. I think that for the American members of our community, this now means... Continue Reading »
Published 2 months ago in News
C:Amie · 5 comments
Sharp Brain PW-A7000 + ceOpener
The Sharp Brain PW-A7000 is one of those obscure Japanese only Windows CE release that most in the West will never get to see. Designed for a very niche market, the Brain offered the Japanese business person on the fly access to a set of tools designed to help navigate... Continue Reading »
Published 9 months ago in Reviews
C:Amie · 0 comments
Exploiting H/PC Pro 3.0 - Windows CE's unseen legacy
Most users of computing devices seldom giving the very real need to understand application security much credence. The same is true for most Windows CE users, who, since 1996 have without much more than a second glance consumed tools, apps and utilities from the Internet without much thought to the... Continue Reading »
Published 11 months ago in News
C:Amie · 2 comments
Mirror mirror on the wall...
It's a new year in the Handheld PC community, so what better way to kick of the new decade than with a new home page poll here on HPC:Factor!

In the new poll, we are asking you which version of Windows CE you think was the best? This can of course... Continue Reading »
Published 1 year ago in Community
C:Amie · 2 comments
GPD MicroPC Handheld Computer Review
The reign of Windows CE may be long-since over, but that doesn't mean that there aren't pretenders lurking in the shadows waiting to steal the Handheld PC's crown. The GPD MicroPC is a curiously designed, if not down right quirky full Intel x64 contender for a 2019 sub-netbook device. Boasting... Continue Reading »
Published 2 years ago in Reviews
C:Amie · 3 comments
UsedHandhelds.com Handheld PC Software & Resource CD - it's still great!
Some of our older readers might remember my 2007 review of the UsedHandhelds.com "The Great Handheld PC Software & Resource CD 2007".

At the time of the review, the resource CD cost $99.90 USD (£77.50 GBP), which represented good value for the software that was included. Back in 2007, this was... Continue Reading »
Published 2 years ago in News
C:Amie · 9 comments