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Welcome to the reviews section. Here you can find an archive of reviews and editorials written by HPC Factor staff, guest writers and community members. Check back often for new Handheld PC related reviews and articles.



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07 April 2020 · The Sharp Brain dictionary app on the Sharp PW-A7000 is secretly a shell replacement for Windows Explorer in discuise. Roy Chan outlines the hidden functionality of Sharp Brain in this companion editorial to his recent review of the Sharp Brain PW-A7000
18 October 2013 · Rich Hawley tells you why you need a task manager on your Windows CE device and shows you your options for restoring this much needed - yet missing feature from its Win32 big brother
10 May 2012 · Are you an avid eBook reader? Would you like to get the most from your H/PC while you travel? Rich Hawley sets-out your options for reading on the move in this round-up of the best eReader apps for Windows CE
06 April 2009 · If you are using one of the Outlook Express releases as your mail client, then you may be wondering if it's possible it get more out of your PC / H/PC relationship than you are able to do with the standard ActiveSync offering. Rich Hawley has a quick look at some of the different solutions that are available to Outlook Express users
01 July 2008 · Julio Ortiz offers-up his top 10 tips to get the most out of using the GSFinder+ replacement for Windows Explorer
26 February 2007 · In our annual celebration of all things Handheld PC, Clinton Fitch shares his Top-10 Software applications for the Handheld PC for the year gone by
26 February 2007 · They say it is hard to find customer service in 2007, but is it even harder if you are a Handheld PC owner? John Ottini explains why H/PC users are suffering the raw end of the service deal, and begrudgingly accepting it
28 August 2006 · Security, Security, Security. The three S's of almost any form of personal computing in the 21st century. For mobile device users the concept of device security amongst the cacophony of security alerts, scares and best intended advice is almost nonexistent. So where in reality does the Handheld PC stand, and should you be worried? We take a comprehensive look at where Windows CE stands in terms of security, and ask is the H/PC really anti-virus?
21 October 2005 · It is a rather bold statement, one that is especially easy to dismiss out of hand. Should Windows embedded devices continue to ship with Mobile editions of Microsoft Office? Is there a better way? and, is the Pocket Office suite even relevant?
15 October 2005 · As Microsoft slowly tightens its stranglehold on the PDA world, but yet struggles to make a profit from it's Windows Mobile consumer division. John Ottini throws caution to the wind and asks the question: "Do people really care for PDA's?"
15 August 2005 · To some the Handheld PC is a godsend, and to others nothing more than a quaint museum toys, as legacy of a bygone age, to which more often than not they were never a part of. To those of us who diligently remain within the community do we accept the problems that we experience day to day simply as a choice, or is it more apt to see it as a way of life?
12 August 2005 · Increasingly Handheld PC users on the second hand market are unable to obtain the de facto serial cable. The inclusion of a serial cable in new computers is already an uncertainty, so if you find yourself in a similar situation, what exactly can you do?
02 July 2005 · The Windows Mobile companion device has always afforded its users the ability to take the desktop, or at least compact parts of it out on the road. Now with a new emulation environment it's possible to take the entire desktop with you on the companion. But is it really all it's cracked up to be?
13 June 2005 · John Ottini muses over whether the Handheld PC community is really in decline or not
12 April 2005 · Have you purchased software only to become unstuck once the developers support cycle comes to an abrupt, unexpected end?
09 December 2004 · Our seasonal feature. This year community lead John Ottini runs through the Top 10 applications he has been using in 2004
18 August 2004 · Have you ever found yourself on the Road and needed to send files or Print when you didn't have your cables. We may have some old-hat solutions
08 July 2004 · Windows Media Player host connectivity has fallen by the wayside recently. Does the new Windows XP Player change anything?
13 February 2004 · Wrapping up our series on the state of the community. Jake Fisher discusses the Handheld PC from his perspective
12 February 2004 · John Ottini discusses his surprise at Handango's decision to phase out support for Windows CE Handheld PC applications
05 February 2004 · John Ottini replies to the recent commentary on the state of the Handheld PC community
27 January 2004 · In reply to Clinton Fitch's article on what is going wrong in the H/PC community we add our two cents to the issues raised by Clinton
23 January 2004 · Following recent events and the relentless armchair beration of the platform. Clinton Fitch asks who is really to blame for the current situation
16 December 2003 · Reviewer and support guru John Ottini spills the beans over his 10 favourite H/PC applications
15 November 2003 · Two months after we first announced the lock-down that would see H/PC users left in IM limbo. We look back on what's happened so far
13 August 2003 · The origins of the Handheld PC lie in the Microsoft Concept of a Wallet PC, we take a look
23 June 2003 · Can the Pocket PC save the Handheld PC? Windows Mobile Handheld PC 2003
19 July 2002 · Handheld PC devices represent a considerable investment. So what can be done to protect our cherished companions
01 July 2002 · Microsoft silently re-release ActiveSync 3.5; check you are up to date!
28 March 2002 · Ever wondered what a H/PC reviewer gets up to on his H/PC? Clinton Fitch tells us his top 10 applications
04 July 2001 · Gripe. Microsoft Updates its Mobile devices website, just not the Handheld PC site
24 June 2001 · Will Office XP support the H/PC?