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Contributing Reviews to HPC:Factor

HPC:Factor welcomes the contributions of community members in all aspects of the site. If you have something that you would like to review, then there is a good chance that we are interested in publishing what you have to say. The following guide outlines HPC:Factor's reviews and reviews editorial policy along with some frequently asked questions on the subject of reviews.

Editorial Standards and Reviews Writing Guidelines

For more information on our editorial standards for reviews as well as guidelines on how to get the most out of writing a review for HPC:Factor (and hopefully improve your chances of being accepted for publication) see the Review Writing Guidelines page at the link below.

View: Review Writing Guidelines

Can I contribute?

Currently any visitor to HPC:Factor is welcome to propose a review, editorial, oped (opinion piece), irrespective of whether they are a member of the HPC:Factor community. Please get in touch with an admin via the forum to discuss your ideas!

I am under 16, can I contribute?

If you are under 16 years old and would like to contribute, we must receive parental consent before we can accept your review for consideration. If you are under 16, you are welcome to demonstrate your literary skills, but please remember that all submissions must meet our editorial standards for writing style, content and general prose before being accepted. We cannot offer any special dispensation for younger writers.

Can I contribute in non-English languages?

No. We are an English language orientated site and have no skill set to edit non-English reviews.

Do reviews have to be British English or International English?

Either! Submit in your native language style, and if your review is accepted it will remain in the same style through editing (assuming the spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct).

If my review is published, can I link to it from my site, publicise it, put it on my CV etc?

Yes of course. Just don't get too carried away. Having a review published makes you a contributor, not a member of staff.

When linking to reviews from external sources we ask that all links be to the articles perma-link so that we can maintain link integrity in the long-term. For more information on perma-links (QLinks) click here.

Will I get paid for my review being published / read per-hit?

No. HPC:Factor is a not-for profit community site, we have no revenue streams, we don't subsides the site through advertising or paid subscriptions and consequently we are not a commercial content provider. We cannot and will not offer remuneration or compensation for published works.

Will my review appear on the front page of the site?

All reviews will appear in the news section and go out on the RSS feed alert system, however not all reviews will necessarily received artwork as a banner on the top of the home page. Factors influencing the decision to generate artwork include:

  • Availability of artistic talent
  • Proximity of this review to the last review published
  • The significance of the review being published to the wider community

I've had a review published and I now want something in it changed, what happens now?

Our editorial policy is such that changes to published reviews can only be made if it is found that there is a glaring omission or inaccuracy in the article which jeopardises the editorial standards of the article or the reputation of the site. Changes to published reviews will only be considered under these circumstances.

If it is deemed to be the case, the change will be made as soon as possible by a member of staff.

I've had review(s) published and want them removed from the site

HPC:Factor reserves the right to make discretionary decisions to remove content from the site, however under normal circumstances we will refuse requests to remove content from the site as we believe that such actions are detrimental to the broader community and the information resources that we are trying to gather on their part.

By submitting content to HPC:Factor for inclusion you agree to these terms.