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Linking to HPC:Factor Content

HPC:Factor is a part of the global Windows CE on-line community. A community which together shows off the benefits of different aspects of the Microsoft Windows based Portable Digital Assistant (PDA).

If you are another website, and wish to link to HPC:Factor, or are undertaking a research project into Windows Mobile or even the PDA world in General and would like to use site graphics within your own site or works then we are more than happy for you to do so.

Linking to Content

If you wish to link to page content on HPC:Factor then we ask that you be aware that we operate a perma-link system on a large section of our content in an effort to ensure that we minimise the existence of broken links.

For all editorial and review content, as well as other selected documents we use a Permanent Link system called hpcQLink. hpcQLink allows us to provide a permanent, never changing URL to external parties to publish. This system ensures that no matter what happens to the physical location of the page content, the link you publish will always remain valid.
Most hpcQLink enabled content displays a "perma-link" tag at the bottom of the page from which you can copy the hpcQLink address.

hpcQLink example: /qlink/?linkID=101

Ascertaining hpcQLink addresses

hpcQLink addresses are assigned to key site features, all reviews and editorial content. Starting with HPC:Factor version 2.0 we are starting to publish specific buttons that allow you to easily copy the hpcQLink address from the document page.
If you would like to search the hpcQLink database for links, a public browser is available here.

Linking to file & image downloads (hotlinking)

Hotlinking is not permitted from HPC:Factor servers. In that case of graphics files, and some situations this is enforced by the automatic content replacement of the file in question by our server.

Under such circumstances HPC:Factor reserves the exclusive right to publish down the conduit any information which it deems necessary to make an example of the hotlinker.

Similarly, hotlinking directly to files on HPC:Factor servers is discouraged. We would ask that users link to the download page, or content information page in question, rather than directly to the file.
Again, HPC:Factor reserves the right to substitute - at its discretion the original file content in situations where we deem the hot-linking to be detrimental to the performance or continued functionality of the site.

Linking to the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

If you are trying to link directly into a section of the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) you will be unable to do so due to security processes installed on the HCL server. All direct links to the HCL should point to: https://www.hpcfactor.com/hcl/

Linking to our RSS feeds

For more information on our RSS feeds please see the H/PC Community RSS Feeds section

Using the HPC:Factor name

As of January 2004, the formal written format of the site name is "HPC:Factor".
The HPC:Factor name may be used in conjunction with UK Fair use legislation by any third-party for non-commercial means. Requests to use our name for commercial means, or for uses outside of fair use legislation should be submitted in writing to the HPC:Factor webmaster.

Using the HPC:Factor logo

The HPC:Factor logo (generation 1, 2 or 3) may be used in line with the acceptable fair use policies of the United Kingdom.
Editing of the HPC:Factor logo without permission is expressly prohibited.

Basic on-black, on-white and on-colour versions of the HPC:Factor Logo can be downloaded below.

Download: HPC:Factor Logos Set (200KB)

Additional versions of the logo, and / or high resolution or vectored copies of the HPC:Factor logo will only be made available on receipt of a legitimate request. Please contact the webmaster if you would like to make such a request.