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Handheld PC Community News Feeds

RSS or RDF Site Summary, or Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication (depending on who you ask) is a XML based information distribution (syndication) tool that allows users to obtain information from the site without actually having to be present on it at the time.

Our RSS 2.0 feeds can be used to receive alerts to new content on the website, allowing you to track different aspects of the site from your RSS client or browser. Additionally, we now offer access to select RSS content through other mediums. The CDF Channel connection allow you to synchronise HPC:Factor content through ActiveSync, instead of requiring a direct Internet connection.

RSS Feed Available
Microsoft CDF Channel Available (Image © HPC:Factor)
RSS 2.0 Channel
Channel Viewer Service

The site sections and forums which have external RSS feed access are:

  HPC:Factor Main News RSS Feed Available   Microsoft CDF Channel Available (Image © HPC:Factor)
  News & Editorials RSS Feed Available    
  Reviews RSS Feed Available    
  CESD (Support) RSS Feed Available    
  Developers Arena RSS Feed Available    
  hpcBay (For Sale, Trades & Requests) RSS Feed Available    
  Hardware Support RSS Feed Available    
  Windows CE 1.0x Support RSS Feed Available    
  Windows CE 2.0 Support RSS Feed Available    
  Handheld PC Professional Support RSS Feed Available    
  Handheld PC 2000 Support RSS Feed Available    
  Windows CE 4.x .net support RSS Feed Available    
  Windows CE 5.0 support RSS Feed Available    
  Windows Embedded CE 6.0 & 7.0 RSS Feed Available    
  H/PC Linux / Unix Support RSS Feed Available    
  Psion / EPOC / Symbian OS RSS Feed Available    
  DOS Palmtops RSS Feed Available    

The availability of RSS feeds from HPC:Factor is subject to change without notice.

How do I access the RSS feeds on my PC?

RSS Feeds can be accessed by using an RSS Feed Reader. There are several free RSS readers available including SharpReader (http://www.sharpreader.net), Sage RSS Reader (http://www.rss-resources.org/sage.html) and RssReader (http://www.rssreader.com).


Once the application is installed, simply point it to the RSS feed’s URL. The feeds will be downloaded automatically to your reader to view.

How do I access the RSS feeds on my H/PC?

The Handheld PC developer community has been working towards creating a RRS feed viewer for the Handheld PC. Beta versions of the release by coder tsdave are avialable for download from the HPC:Factor Community Forums.

Any device running Windows CE 2.00 or higher can access our main news content through either the AvantGo Mobile Link Synchronisation Channel, or through the HPC:Factor Microsoft CDF Mobile Channel.

Click for more information on the AvantGo client for the Handheld PC, or the Microsoft Channels Viewer for the Handheld PC.

How many RSS feeds can I subscribe to?

You may subscribe to as many of the HPC:Factor RSS feeds as you wish.
We will closely monitor the number of users and frequency of use of our RSS channels over the coming months to ensure that we are providing the correct level of information to our users, as well ensuring that the RSS systems is not interfering with normal web browser based site activity.

The RSS feeds are not a recommended substitute for visiting the website itself and interacting with users. If you are looking to see what new forum posts have been made since your last visit to the site, we recommend that you continue to make use of the Latest Threads tracker available from here once you have logged on to the forums.

Can I use the HPC:Factor RSS feeds as a plug-in to my website?

Of course you are very welcome to connect to our RSS feeds using an RSS button, HPC:Factor button or a RSS parser from your own website.
At this time we are not able to offer any link exchange incentives to fellow Windows CE sites who wish to do this.

If you are looking for RSS graphics Click here to visit RSS Specifications
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