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Poll Centre

The New HPC:Factor Poll Centre is designed to help provide developers with anonymous demographic information about the community and the users within it. Over the coming months we hope to start building up a catalogue of poll and survey results. If you have any questions that we could ask which would benefit your project or company. Please get in touch.

Developer Downloads

Handheld PC Global MFC / VBRT Redistributable

The MFC library is the corner stone of base software development on Windows CE. However not all Windows CE devices shipped with the applicable MFC library in ROM. This redistributable contains the MFC library's for Windows CE 1, 2, HPC Pro, Palm-Size PC 1.2, HPC2000 and a limited number from Windows CE 4.0. For all processors. Visual Basic Runtime redistributables are available for Windows CE 2.0, 2.11, 3.00 and WM platforms. Developers should ensure that CAB installer scripts do not specify 'copy if present' as installation will fail.

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Windows CE eMbedded Visual Development IDEs

This links below offer downloads to the three generations of free Windows CE development Integrated Development Environments (IDE's) including the original release of the eVT 3.0 Studio. Microsoft offer a repackaged release of eVT 3.0 2002 edition however the Handheld PC Professional SDK is often unable to integrate correctly into the updated suite. The only difference between the first and refreshed release of eVT are the bundled SDK's. The 2002 release includes more current Pocket PC SDK's and removed the older Handheld and Palm-Size PC ones.

Please ensure that you download the correct release to meet your requirements.

Windows CE for Handheld PC SDKs

The Developer SDK or Software Development Kits contain the tools, documentation and software required to code for a particular Windows CE Operating system. They will all integrate with Visual Basic / C version 5 or 6. The HPC Pro and HPC2000 SDK's will integrate into the free eVT 3.0.
Windows CE 4.x and 5.0 SDK's will integrate into eVC4 or Visual Studio 2003 or above.