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H/PC:Update is HPC:Factor's patches, updates, fixes and software downloads service for users of the Handheld PC. H/PC:Update brings together OEM updates, community fixes and HPC:Factor utility releases for our entire supported device inventory in one convenient place.

Welcome to H/PC:Update

H/PC:Update is a member service provided by HPC:Factor for the benefit of the Handheld PC Community. As a result of the costs involved in offering a large download service, HPC:Factor has decided to require free registration before allowing access to H/PC:Update.

H/PC:Update is a free service and will remain free so long as it is not exploited. Membership allows us to protect our download systems from open exploitation and to open a dialogue with users who appear to be heavily using the service.

If you are a registered member, please log-on by clicking here | To register for free with HPC:Factor click here


What can you get from H/PC:Update?

  • OEM Released Drivers
  • Patches & Fixes
  • Software Updates
  • Full Applications released for your device
  • Manuals, Documentation and Service Guides
  • ROM Images

Latest Additions:

  • Sigmarion III updates
  • Cisco350CE211SH3 Drivers
  • PA2400W Manuals
  • Wabook Sky Manual (ES)
  • JTag 900 Tools
  • JTag Bootloaders
  • Mobilepro 900 JTag
  • MP 800/880 AAA Battery Adapter
  • Mobilepro 880 Maintenance Guide
  • Mobilepro 800 Assembly Guide


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  • Engine Version: 1.2.1
  • Date/Time (Build): 30/12/2013 22:32:23 PM