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H/PC Articles
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Discuss community news and editorials.
Moderators: C:Amie
2515 posts
in 174 Threads
» 2022-06-05 8:24 PM by joval
Reviews discussion & comments.
Moderators: clintonfitchdotcom
1636 posts
in 87 Threads
General Discussion
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Discuss anything to do with the Handheld PC here that isn't covered by the other forums.
Moderators: C:Amie
30497 posts
in 3059 Threads
» 2022-06-23 12:15 AM by stingraze
If you are a developer, or want to know how to start developing. Welcome.
Moderators: C:Amie
4873 posts
in 488 Threads
» 2022-06-20 8:01 AM by C:Amie
Questions, comments, suggestions, bugs and all things related to HPC:Factor, the site and services
Moderators: C:Amie
3207 posts
in 258 Threads
» 2022-06-22 11:33 AM by C:Amie
Talk about anything... not necessarily H/PC related.
Moderators: insurgent, C:Amie
26427 posts
in 2003 Threads
Use this area to advertise a sale, organise trades and make requests for H/PC and H/PC related Hardware and Software.
Moderators: C:Amie
6621 posts
in 1175 Threads
Technical Support
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Discuss any Hardware related issues here.
12831 posts
in 1584 Threads
Using the first generation Handheld PC? Then you've come to the only place on the web that still supports your device!
Moderators: C:Amie
1625 posts
in 146 Threads
Things are getting interesting now with the Second Generation Handheld PC. If you need help, welcome aboard!
Moderators: C:Amie
3680 posts
in 442 Threads
Windows CE 2.10, 2.11 and 2.12 one stop shop. If you need help with the Third Generation of Handheld PC, H/PC Pro come on in!
Moderators: C:Amie
8964 posts
in 1143 Threads
Questions on the Fourth Generation of H/PC are welcome here as well as Windows CE 3.0.
Moderators: CE Geek, Rich Hawley
20781 posts
in 2423 Threads
» 2022-06-15 6:41 AM by dl1av
Spelling the Fifth Generation of the Handheld PC device, find support for CE .net 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 here
Moderators: Rich Hawley
19984 posts
in 2069 Threads
» 2022-06-13 11:56 AM by rgisondi
Support and discussion for Windows CE 5.0 devices including netbooks.
Moderators: Rich Hawley
2241 posts
in 247 Threads
» 2022-03-03 12:09 AM by stingraze
Technical support for Windows CE 6.0 R1, R2, R3 and 7.0 (WECE 6.0/7.0) mobile devices, embedded devices and netbooks.
Moderators: CE Geek
2514 posts
in 230 Threads
Linux / Unix ports are becoming increasingly popular with some users. If you need help with migrating to or using Linux, ask here.
Moderators: insurgent
5774 posts
in 397 Threads
Support forum for users of EPOC based devices, including the legendary Psion.
Moderators: Jake
166 posts
in 11 Threads
» 2022-06-11 5:46 PM by Jake
Support forum for the O.G. DOS based devices, including the legendary HP 200LX.
Moderators: Jake
440 posts
in 35 Threads
» 2022-06-24 12:58 AM by stingraze

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